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A Plea For More Kindness

Image of Georgiana Henry

A tearful Georgiana Henry pleaded with St. Lucians to be more considerate as she relayed to the Voice a synopsis of her struggles from early on in life to now: struggles she says have been compounded by a general lack of kindness as she has experienced it.

Henry stated that she was born in St. Lucia but had to move to Barbados to improve her lot in life when she was 16 because things had become very difficult.

Image of Georgiana Henry
Georgiana Henry

She opened the interview by stating: “I am being taken advantage of…” by people she comes across in general; adding that there are many rumours being spread about her being crazy; these rumours coming at the cost of her good name and her ability to earn a living.

“I’m not mad” she stated in a bid to dispel those rumours.

She added that people think her mad because she has issues with her nerves.

Touching on the financial impact these rumours have had on her, she told the Voice that although she is trying very hard to get and keep a job, it has proven difficult due to the gossip about her.

Henry also spoke about the children she had in Barbados, adding that they are in their thirties now, but they don’t send anything for her here in St. Lucia, after sacrificing much for them to go to school.

She says she returned to St. Lucia in 1992 and told the Voice that she felt compelled to tell her story because people have been taking advantage of her and it’s just not right.

Dean Nestor is from Choiseul but from young adulthood, his years were spent in Castries. He studied at St. Mary’s College from 1999 to 2004 and later pursued a college education in English Literature, History and Sociology at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College from 2004 to 2006.

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  1. Miss Henry, if being crazy is coming forward and to talk advantage of media
    exposure, let me tell you, you deserve a medal. After reading your story, I took
    up your cause along with some other friends and there’s good news coming your
    way and not for you only. A great sum have been collected, and I’m proposing plans
    to expand this to the greater good.
    Miss Henry, for sure you are certainly not the only heart broken one on the Island, but
    we will do something, since you have come forward bravely alone, to have you housed
    as best as and quickly as we can, so please wait. A committee of well meaning, unselfish
    Lucians will convene to form a body to expand our Ideas for the greater good for many to make
    life a little better for them. Please join me in prayer that it works as I never do anything by sight
    or by my will only; He comes first. The “VOICE” will be told and a greater good will come because of you.

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