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Two Questions

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THE EDITOR: I have been listening to the TV stations and I am quite concerned by what I am hearing about the following:

1) The fact the government seem to have no regard for the patients or staff at the temporary hospital, putting them in danger of falling materials, cancer and skin problems.

The only safe way of removing this roof should be firstly to return the patients back to St Judes, where a small amount of money could complete the wing that is partially finished, until the hospital renovations could be completed.

I would like to know why Mr Guy Joseph and his government are unable to understand the danger they are putting the patients and staff in, why are they spending so much money on the roof of the stadium, putting people in danger when there is an alternative.

2) With regards to the Mayor of Castries purchasing a car and driver with funds from the tax payer because, as a former Mayor of my town in the UK which is much larger than Castries, I was not provided with a car or personal driver because the community’s purse could not pay for such extravagance.

So can anyone tell me how a small community as Castries can afford to pay for this, where is the money coming from, what services are being shelved to enable this Mayor to pay for it? (Josephine C)

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  1. If you and your bunch of clowns Oswald had an iota of common sense the writer would have no excuse to write such article lambasting your party, the UWP, like it has never been lambasted before.

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