Organizers say Micoud Carnival 2018 was: ‘More spectacular, more colourful, more enjoyable!’

THE Micoud Carnival Committee says the 2018 season was nothing than a total success!

Micoud Carnival culminated with the adult parade and Glow Fete on the 29th and 31st of July.

Four bands participated: River Bank Patriots, Infinity White, Jr. Love and Kaotics.

Organizers of the event say they are pleased with the conduct of revellers and the effort bandleaders placed in designing the costumes.

Committee Public Relations Officer, Mr. Malan Leonce, noted, “The committee went all out to ensure that we delivered on our promise and that the 2018 objectives were met.”

Leonce noted that the inputs of stakeholders in meeting objectives were an added benefit: “This year the committee placed greater emphasis on creating a notable, safe, peaceful and fulfilling carnival product, for the enjoyment of all. And that we did.”

“Judging by the large number of people in attendance at the events and the high level of enthusiasm portrayed from the patrons, performers, carnival bands, pageant contestants and committee members, Mr Leonce deemed the Micoud Carnival 2018 events “an outstanding success”.

She added, “This year’s events were even more spectacular, more colourful and more enjoyable for all.”

The Micoud Carnival Committee is extremely grateful to: The Officers and staff of the Micoud Police and Fire Stations, The Micoud Vendors Association, The Clerk and staff of the Micoud North Constituency,The Nurses at the Micoud Health Center, The Micoud Multipurpose Court Management Fertility Committee, Bandleaders and revellers, residents of Micoud and all patrons.

Meanwhile, Leonce says that work will begin shortly in planning Carnival 2019.

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