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National Security Remains a Priority

THE EDITOR: The article in Thursday’s VOICE refers to the PM as being CLUELESS in national security is yet another form of opposition to decisions taken by the current administration.

The article was evidently dictated to Alva Baptiste by a senior SLP minister based on the language, but by the same token, the views expressed are themselves seriously flawed as the current Prime Minister is more abreast with the existing reality of the times versus that which existed three years ago.

Having had a one-to-one conversation with a top security firm in Trinidad, it is alleged that over 500 guns made in Russia arrive in Trinidad on a weekly basis and we can see for ourselves the results of the increase in homicides in that country.

The ongoing insinuations by the writer were flawed and the PM’s decision was not erroneous but unfortunately, this is the modus operandi of the SLP which continue to apply their own propaganda versus reality.

It should not be forgotten that at 2p.m. in 2010 a number of armed bandits with guns entered the Bordelais Correctional Facility and freed two Venezuelans and one St. Lucian and to date the whereabouts of those individuals remain unknown.

More importantly, the remaining Venezuelans at Bordelais must be shifted to different cells on a nightly basis to ensure that no further attacks will be thwarted.

We wish to make it abundantly clear that Venezuela as a nation has been extremely kind to St. Lucia and we will always support their efforts, consequently the visa restriction should not be viewed as any form of disharmony.

One would have imagined that less than 72 hours ago both the government and the opposition agreed to revisit politics differently based on the manner the late Arsene James conducted himself, yet the venom within their body and soul defy all odds. The current administration must simply remain focussed and do what is right for St. Lucia as they have a moral responsibility to the nation.
(Oswald Augustin)

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  1. I gave Ozzie-boy the benefit of the doubt that he was not just singing for his supper, till I reached the word “allegedly”!

    Ozzie-boy is just another ‘house-negro’ defending the “dek-dek” son of his massa!

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