Micoud Carnival 2018: Revellers had a good time Behaving Bad!

By Kingsley Emmanuel

MICOUD was full of color on Sunday and Tuesday, when the village held its carnival celebrations, with revellers creating quite a spectacle as they ‘behaved bad’, working-out and stretching their gyrating bodies in the blistering heat as if there was no tomorrow.

Even some senior citizens were part of the action, creating quite a stir by the manner in which they rotated their waists, some even allowing much younger men to ‘grind’ on their buttocks.

Among the revellers were skimpily-attired women of all shapes, sizes and ages, exhibiting acrobatics to the pulsating music, leaving nothing to anyone’s imagination.

There was also a noticeably sizeable police presence, but they were there more to keep the peace and prevent trouble than to limit how far revelers went to ‘behave bad’.

Five bands took part in the event, parading the main streets of the West Coast village.

Chairperson of the Micoud Carnival Committee, Anja Dornelly, told this reporter she was very pleased with the public’s participation in all the events they have held.

“The events have been a huge success… This year, the public’s participation was better than last year. We also had more hand- made costumes and less t-shirts,” Dornelly said.

Some of the activities held before the Parade of the Bands included a carnival pageant, a junior carnival and J’ouvert.

“We had lots of people in the J’ouvert and they all enjoyed themselves,” Dornelly added.

Keisha Anthony, a member of one of the bands said: “I am having a great time… Our band is here to have fun. The music have us wild.”

She added that was not the first time she has taken part in Micoud carnival and will continue to do so “for as long as I am alive.”

“Today is time to behave bad and have fun. Nothing will stop us…,” another female reveller said, then bending-over to allow a male reveler to grind on her behind, without moderation.

The ‘bad behaving’ notwithstanding however, the various events held during the Micoud carnival celebrations this year were all incident-free, which the organizers attributed to the heavy police presence.

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