Health Ministry Conducting Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

PRESS RELEASE – THE Ministry of Health and Wellness is conducting a four-day workshop on the Stanford University Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for twenty- four individuals from across the island.

The training is being conducted in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and is aimed at molding individuals into becoming leaders who will aid in delaying or preventing complications associated with chronic illnesses. Health Educator in the Ministry of Health Wellina Jaria gave a brief overview of the training.

She said, “This program is an effective educational workshop that teaches individuals how to better manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure cancer lupus etc. and to go on to live a better fulfilling life.

“These leaders upon completion of training which takes place during the four days from Monday to Thursday will return to their various communities and implement the program with persons living with or diagnosed with chronic conditions.

“We hope that individuals will learn well and return to implement in all the communities across the island of St Lucia”.

The Ministry of Health is making a special appeal to Persons living with chronic illnesses to register at their nearest wellness centre and take advantage of the free training which will be reciprocated in various communities by the new leaders.

A poster articulating all the requisite information of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program will be placed at all health facilities island wide. (MOH)

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