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Are We Living in a False Paradise?

Image of Sir Arthur Lewis Tomb in the grounds of SALCC

THE EDITOR: Education is both necessary and expensive and this is the reality of life.

The government has little choice but to meet these realities half way and that is making arrangements with the St. Lucia Development Bank to provide a four-year loan to the needy students at a special rate of interest.

These loans can be repaid after the students have completed their term at Sir Arthur Lewis.

A local accountant suggested that the students sign three blank forms which can be used as a guarantee when employment is given to those particular students in order that the various employers can make the arranged deductions.

This format was instituted several years ago when the development bank first opened its doors.

EC$1500 per year at tertiary level is insufficient to maintain the ongoing curriculums. This is the reality and government is not in a position to continue subsidizing Sir Arthur Lewis particularly as more and more students seek higher education which will only put further stress on any administration in power.

The suggestion that students take a four-year loan will permit the students to think more cautiously on the subjects they wish to pursue in order that they can fill the vacant slots within our economy which have been ignored in preference to subjects which do not permit easy employment.

Unless we address the hard facts, we shall remain in a false paradise of our own making. Education is key and this remains the hallmark of progress.
(Ulric W. Price)

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