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SLP has lost all credibility to make demands on this government


Please allow me some space in your newspaper to address an issue which has been at the forefront of discussions locally and in the diaspora and comes as no surprise to those paying particular attention to the ongoing healthcare situation in Saint Lucia.

Notwithstanding the colossal failure of the Saint Lucia Labour Party in finishing St. Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort, a full transition from Victoria Hospital to the OKEU Hospital and the implementation of a fully-functional Universal Healthcare or National Health Insurance scheme, brazen demands of the current administration to “Finish St. Jude” are heard every day.

After what can only be described as a shameful failure to implement any of the critical issues during their tenure, the SLP can now summon the gumption to cajole, demand and challenge this current UWP administration to “Fix St. Jude.”

Although not a shining example, the SLP is painting a sad picture for our young people who are observing their political game as it plays out.

Without shame, the SLP sends a very strong message to our youth that despite its inadequacy as a government and its inability to devise and implement a strategy which would accomplish their healthcare pledge, arrogance gives them the credibility to dictate.

On seeking employment, we all provide our resume’ and references in order that a prospective employer may delve into our academic qualifications, work experience and references, to provide adequate background on our suitability for the position.

The failure of the SLP to deliver St. Jude Hospital (even after multiple years and promises), their inability to open the OKEU Hospital even after a naming ceremony and the failure for any meaningful Universal Healthcare disqualifies them from making any demands or posing any challenges to this administration.

After failing to deliver year after year for almost five years, the SLP has lost any credibility to offer advice to this administration.

Their abject failure exposes serious deficiencies in their policies and implementation of plans which are critical for any government to provide the critical services, such as healthcare, to its people.

Attempting to interrupt and distract this UWP administration from moving ahead with its bold new initiatives for healthcare confirms a suspicion by many, that any success by this current government will be another nail in the coffin for any viability of the SLP at the next elections.

There is an old saying, “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

Norbert Williamss


  1. I’m all for good governance. Here’s what I don’t get. All their bright ideas and advice that they have for the Chastanet administration, why they didn’t use it when they were in office just two years ago?

    Why are they giving all this academic but impractical advice to Chastanet? Why else wouldn’t they use their own advice?

    Do they stand a better chance of returning to office if he takes their advice? Do they love Chastanet so much that they advice him because they want him to remain in power?

    AND their associates in the SLMDA etc, why they didn’t give their compadres all the bright proposal they have now? Wasn’t healthcare important then? How come they went from saying nothing to Kenny to dishing out ultimatum to Allen? Did healthcare become a crisis overnight?

  2. This comment just like article makes no sense what so ever. It is like both authors were born the day after the last elections and have no knowledge of anything before that. One single point can destroy their arguments no questions asked. Going by their logic UWP should be dead and buried. Let’s not forget UWP contested the last election with one elected representative. As we speak SLP has 6 elected reps. So if UWP had credibility when it was in opposition the same goes SLP.

    1. Well said Dale Jacobs.
      Norbert stop commenting under your own post with your 1000 million fake names and profiles. Desperate much. Btw where is the sex offenders registry??????????

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