Sinking of Vicky B to increase artificial reefs and dive sites

PRESS RELEASE – THE stock of dive sites and artificial reefs in the country were increase last Friday with the sinking of the vessel Vicky B in the Anse Cochon area.

Engaged in this venture were the St. Lucia Divers Association – Anbaglo in collaboration with the Customs Department, Fisheries Department, St. Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority, The St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Associations’ Tourism Enhancement Fund, The Marine Police and the Minister of Tourism.

The main aims were to increase the stock of dive sites and artificial reefs in St. Lucia. This is a climate change mitigation initiative as well as a product development move. This as St. Lucia moves to protect its natural reefs and fragile ecosystems by putting in and developing artificial reefs to create additional habitats for its marine life, and additional dive sites to decrease the stress on its natural reefs.

This come on the heels of the sinking of the Barge SK-2, which capsized in Soufriere a couple months ago, dumping its cargo near the Humming Bird Hotel. The Divers Association, Fisheries Department, SMMA and SLASPA quickly moved to seek permission from the relevant ministries to acquire and sink this barge in the Anse Cochon area for the same purpose.

The removal of the Vicky B from the Port Castries has also added to the efforts to beautify the harbour.

The next venture for The Divers Association in their product development, artificial reef, and dive site establishment is the acquisition and sinking of the Doggers Bank Tug. This Tug had sunk in the Castries Harbour some years ago. It is presently partially submerged in the Bannan Area of the Harbour.

Donovan Brown
President St. Lucia Divers Association– Anbaglo

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