Vieux Fort South MP And Former Prime Minister Saddened By Holiday Weekend Drownings

P.M. speaking in Monaco

PRESS RELEASE – FORMER Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony has expressed his condolences to the students and faculty of the Spartan Health Sciences University in Vieux Fort after the holiday weekend drownings of two students and one lecturer.

Anthony, who is the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, said in a statement Tuesday that he was “truly saddened by this tragic incident.”

He said, “Spartan Health Sciences University is part of our family in Vieux Fort South.

“On behalf of the entire constituency of Vieux Fort South, I extend my condolences to the families of the deceased and also the students and faculty of Spartan University.

“Incidents like these are rare, but when they do occur the distress is immeasurable. I can understand the pain of the parents, family and friends of those who died.”

“Their anguish must be unbearable as some, especially family members, are miles away from the scene of this tragedy.

“I ask my constituency to spare a thought for those who have been affected by this tragedy, in word and in prayer,’ the Vieux Fort South MP observed.

Reports indicate that a rogue wave swept two students from coastal rocks into the treacherous waters off Canelles.

According to the reports, a lecturer who was present sought to save them, but encountered difficulties and also drowned.

Doctor Anthony has said he hopes to visit Spartan in the next few days to express, in person, his sympathy and condolences to the students and staff.

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