National Trust Deeply Saddened By FRC Loss

Image of the aftermath of the Folk Research Centre (FRC)

PRESS RELEASE – THE Saint Lucia National Trust says it is “deeply saddened over the loss of the offices of the Folk Research Centre and the priceless records, paintings and artefacts, which are lost forever. “

In a statement yesterday, the Trust said: “The outstanding work of the Centre must continue, to allow future generations access to our history, cultural expressions and a grounding in what it means to be Saint Lucian.

“Deepening the understanding of our culture, traditions and folk history are essential inputs in the rounded development of our people and these efforts should be restarted with urgency.

“Organisations such as the FRC deserve tangible support from government and the private sector for their vital role in the Nation’s development, and the Trust calls on all in a position to do so, to provide immediate emergency assistance and become an active part of the longer-term work.”

The Trust “stands in solidarity with the FRC and will engage the organisation’s management to explore what assistance we can offer.”

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