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When Reality Hits, The Knees Jerk

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

TALK about a knee-jerk reaction. That’s what Michael Chastanet’s “Leadership Qualities” was in response to my article “We Need a Person of Objectivity in the Prime Minister’s Chair”. I have a measure of respect for Michael Chastanet; I cannot say the same for his son. Michael Chastanet is a leader. He reads. Again, I cannot say the same for his son, not after I have reviewed this DSH “contract”.

I expected a reaction when I wrote the article. I expected that people would ask me why I had no confidence in the current Prime Minister. I expected for people to ask me to outline his fault, faux pas and misdeeds. Believe me, I wrote the article to elicit those types of interrogation but they never came and don’t think of asking them now.

My diminishing respect for Michael Chastanet came with his hosting of “Open Mike”. You can be a guru in some fields, not all. You cannot feel that you have the answers to every question or problem (where else have I noticed that disposition?). I have thought that many times on his show, Mr. Chastanet monopolizes the discussion. I have spoken to some of his guests, post their appearances, and they seem to have similar sentiments.

In 2006, the Saint Lucia Labour Party lost the general elections. Many high-level global organisations found the results amiss. They just could not understand why a people would vote out a working government as the national indices were indicating. The answer? Leadership qualities. The golden child Kenny D. Anthony had lost favour in the eyes of the electorate, the masses.

So when Mr. Chastanet comes and tells us that 2000 construction jobs will be created in the hospitality industry by April 2018 and there is a 30% increase in cruise ship arrivals and SLASPA is juggling berth accommodations, then Mr. Chastanet does not understand leadership qualities. I think he missed his own point in his own article.

In the article, he was seemingly nice to Stephenson King but his true feelings came out in the last paragraph.

Mr. Chastanet alluded to “protecting the constitution of St. Lucia”. I don’t know if really you can speak to such ideal and speak of Allen Chastanet in the same breath or several breaths thereafter.

There is a growing unpopularity with this prime minister among the electorate and his Cabinet is very much aware. Allen Chastanet losing the prime ministership is as easy as three members of the governing side aligning with the apposition. It was that threat that Michael Chastanet saw, hence I think, the reason for his article, “Leadership Qualities”, which had nothing to do with leadership qualities.

Now on to other things. The hair story in my next article. Thanks for reading.

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