Another Secondary School Sex Tape Surfaces

Another sex tape, this time featuring students from a secondary school, has surfaced, leaving teachers and parents stunned.

A teenage secondary school girl was allegedly caught on camera forcefully performing oral sex on a male as other male students looked on in an undisclosed location.

The female student, who appears visibly despondent on the video, was slapped across her face by the male who used expletives as he ordered her to perform the sexual act properly .

During the recording, the teen can be heard complaining to her assaulters that they were hurting her leg and expressing her desire to leave as she was late for a prior engagement. She was also heard begging one of the boys to desist from touching her inappropriately.

Footage of the incident went viral on social media platforms Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Calls for a full investigation by the Ministry of Education and the Royal St. Lucia Police Force were widespread on social media as more people caught wind of the repugnant video.

The Voice will have a full update for readers on this story in Tuesday’s issue of  The Voice Newspaper.

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  1. These CARE boys are a digrace and you can find them all on the serenity park and the location is an abandon house by the serenity park

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