PRESS RELEASE – Food Security A Priority In Dominica

It has been just over a month since the Eastern Caribbean’s “food bowl” was left bare following a direct hit from one of the strongest hurricanes to pass through the Caribbean Basin – Hurricane Maria.

Agricultural stakeholders in the sub-region, both private and public, are actively supporting efforts to ensure the future of Dominica’s agriculture sector through the replanting of fast-growing crops paired with dedicated supervision and the use of quality fertilizers.


Commissioner to the OECS for the Commonwealth of Dominica, Ambassador Felix Gregoire, recently visited the replanting intervention in Roseau where crops have already begun sprouting.

“In spite of the devastation that is all around us, it is beautiful to see the first signs of regrowth,” he said. “Food security in the Commonwealth of Dominica is definitely a priority and, while the extent of the devastation is vast, our land is fertile and these seedlings are a representation of the country’s resilience.

“I extend sincere gratitude to the donors that have worked with the OECS Commission to get this replanting initiative underway as we focus on rebuilding Dominica stronger and smarter than before.”

Over 100,000 seeds have been planted at four strategic sites in the Commonwealth: Roseau, the North-East Area, the South-East Area and Portsmouth, with the first harvest expected in the coming weeks.

Several donations have been made toward the longevity of the project, such as greenhouses, seedlings, water pumps and fertilizer.

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