SLP’s 2017 Conference of Delegates Ends – Pierre Receives Overwhelming Vote of Confidence

Image of Political Leader, Philip J Pierre

PRESS RELEASE – THE Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) held the closed session of its Annual Conference at the Canaries Primary School last Sunday.

Image of Political Leader, Philip J Pierre
Political Leader, Philip J Pierre

The conference was attended by delegates from all seventeen constituencies and received the annual report from the General Secretary on Party activities for the last year.

There were also reports from the President of the Women’s Organization and the Constitution Review Committee.

Delegates also engaged in a question and answer session where concerns were discussed with the leadership of the Party.

The Conference debated and approved a motion mandating the Party to form a committee to look into the acquisition of a building to serve as a Headquarters Building for the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

There was also a vote of confidence in the Political Leader and by secret ballot Philip J. Pierre received 256 votes of confidence and 16 votes of no-confidence.

Moses Jn. Baptiste (Chairman), Alvina Reynolds (Vice-Chairman), Guibion Ferdinand (Assistant Secretary) and Errol Charles (Treasurer) were also elected by the delegates.

Newly-endorsed Political Leader, Philip J Pierre, impressed upon delegates the need to work collectively and increase their mobilization efforts to ensure that the Saint Lucia Labour Party is prepared to defend and protect Saint Lucia from the poor governance of the UWP government.

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