New Changes At ECCO

PRESS RELEASE – THE Board of Directors of the Eastern Caribbean Copyright Organization for Music Rights (ECCO) has embarked on a review of its office procedures at Sans Souci, Castries, St Lucia.

The review is based on the Board’s quest to acquire credible information that would best inform its decisions and put modified procedures in place to improve the efficiency of the systems at ECCO.

To better facilitate this process, and in the interest of time, the company’s CEO, Steve Etienne, has been placed on one month’s leave with pay. Etienne will, however, be assisting with the process.

The public and ECCO members are advised that temporary changes have been made to the construct of ECCO’s Board. Shayne Ross has been replaced by Martin James in the position of Chairperson of the Board until ECCO’s next Annual General Meeting.

ECCO wishes to assure its members, business partners and the general public that these temporary changes are geared at improving our operations and service.

As ECCO looks forward to the introduction of Related Rights in the new term, the company is determined to ensure that its practices are continuously in keeping with international standards and that its global strategic alliances are maintained and strengthened.

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