‘Landings’ Staff Get Health Check-ups

PRESS RELEASE – THE staff at The Landings Resort and Spa started their new season with a Staff Health Fair in collaboration with the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association, Massy Stores Gourmet, Cox Farms in Vanard, and AdVizze Consulting Inc. The fair, a first of its kind, highlighted the health issues affecting the team with special attention placed on preventative care.

The employees received tests for pressure, sugar and BMI levels, plus a special footcare clinic with private consultations. Counselling, health talks and healthy food options display and samples were also provided for the team as part of the proceedings.

A major spotlight was placed on the common issues which affect people working within the hospitality industry specifically related to diet and undiagnosed issues which can ultimately escalate into more serious problems if left untreated. Staff also supported the Blood Drive initiative.

According to General Manager of The Landings Resort & Spa, Wilbert Mason, “After introducing the concept of moving from Good to Great to the resort two years ago, I am quite happy to see them benefit from the first-ever health fair since the resort’s ten years of operations, after a successful round of training to help develop our already amazing team.”

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He lauded the various partners who assisted in making the event a success, adding, “As diseases like cancer and diabetes are being highlighted in October and November, as a resort, we felt it pertinent to ensure the staff were given a versatile snapshot of the more prevalent diseases which affect us as a society so we are better prepared to know the signs and prevent problems in the future.”

Additionally, during September, the butlers, security guards, spa therapists and culinary team received specialized training aimed at enhancing their productivity, developing their skills and reaffirming the commitment of the hotel’s promise to its most valued asset, its staff.

As the resort focused on upgrades to various parts of the resort as part of its enhancement operations, giving a beautification facelift to the Beach Club, for instance, staff received training in self-defense (KravMaga), conflict resolution and customer service. The new energized team has now set their sights on the upcoming outreaching programmes, purposefully aimed at promoting a sense of community which will ultimately translate to a better service to its valued guests.

Training Manager, Cypriana George, expressed her satisfaction in the achievements of the various departments and said the resort will continue to make good on its promise to keep the staff fully-equipped with more training opportunities.

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