Gros Islet Youth Development Council Hosts Annual Youth Debate Competition

PRESS RELEASE – The Gros Islet Youth Development Council will host its Annual Youth Debate Competition shortly with the objectives being to allow youth in Gros Islet to experience a professional debate, strengthen their public speaking ability, be able to analyse evidence and construct a persuasive argument.

On October 7, the Council hosted its usual Debate Preparation Workshop to prepare the young people for the Annual Debate. The debaters were introduced to Argument Construction, Speaking Style, Debate Technique and The Rebuttal. At this workshop, it was announced that this Saturday at the Gros Islet Municipal Building at 2:00 p.m. that Round One — Girls of a Feather (Proposition) versus Northern United All Stars (Opposition) will t debate the topic, “The high unemployment rate among youth is directly proportional to the high rate of youth crime in Saint Lucia.”

From 5:00 p.m., Round Two — Jockey Club (Proposition) versus Last Year’s Winners (Opposition) will debate the topic, “Governments around the world are growing in number towards the granting of legal recognition to same-sex marriages. Saint Lucia should attempt to promote the acceptance of LGBT people by removing the anti-LGBT laws in the Saint Lucia Criminal Code.”

Winners of rounds one and two will debate in the final round dated for Saturday, November 11 at the Gros Islet Municipal Building.

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