PRESS RELEASE – Grande Riviere Secondary’s ‘La Kou Kweyol’

THE Grande Riviere Secondary School (GRSS) recently celebrated World Food Day and Arts and Heritage Month with a three-day series of activities aimed at promoting food sustainability and educating our students on our creole heritage.


Activities commenced with the celebration of World Food Day on October 16 with an emphasis on growing what we eat and eating what is grown in our rural communities. This year, we highlighted the use of coconut and manioc to produce food products. Students participated in the process of farine-making, bread-making, grafting, tree planting, calabash bowl making and a local food exhibition.

On October 25, twelve classes as well as the school’s administration, competed in a creole cook- off with one class emerging champions with their ‘bouillon la chaycochoneklait coco’, served in a calabash bowl. The focus was on the use of local foods, traditional cooking methods and techniques to produce a tasty, authentic creole-plated meal.

The series culminated on October 27 with our ‘La Kou Kweyol Exhibition and Cultural Expose’.

The staff and students deem this creole series a great success and applaud our PTA and the Forestry Department for their instrumental support.

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