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THE hurricane season remains current which means we are not really out of the woods. Consequently, the lessons learned should be foremost in our minds. Today, we shall address the after effects of hurricanes but since there are so many, we shall focus on the looting aspects.

Subject to correction, we had a one-to-one meeting with a qualified insurance broker who mentioned that despite adequate insurance coverage for our properties, any losses sustained from looting during and after a hurricane WILL NOT be settled by your insurance company.

Based on information from the BVI, Puerto Rico and Dominica, there were homes and businesses which were not affected by the hurricane, yet the contents were ravaged by looters. Looting is certainly an offence but consider the mind-set of an individual who is hungry and thirsty: this state of mind drives one to desperation and this is part of the problem.

As indicated in my previous article in The VOICE, “Preparatory Hurricane Measures”, (Saturday, September 30, 2017) we touched on security measures but having learned more about the insurance aspects, may we suggest to the authorities that a formula for dealing with looting be embraced at the highest level.

Since most countries have a lead time of 5-8 days before experiencing a serious hurricane, there should be an understanding amongst the Caribbean islands and Spanish supporters like Venezuela and Cuba, which have always displayed their generosity in coming forward in times of need.

This understanding must address a set number of trained security/military personnel with the necessary experience to be on island at least a day or two before the hurricane descends on our shores. Hurricanes will remain one of our adversaries for some time and we need to accept and deal with the realities of life.

Michael Chastanet

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