Breast Cancer Awareness Month


THE health of a nation is often equated to its wealth. Bearing this in mind, we take some time this week to speak of some of the medical ills of society and how we can be more proactive and responsible.

October is celebrated annually as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this month, efforts are made to sensitize the public on breast cancer screening, the importance of early detection and the need to find a cure. Walks are held throughout the region to encourage healthy lifestyle and to enhance sensitization efforts.

Additionally, a pink ribbon is worn to promote efforts and encourage involvement. Monetary campaigns are also enlisted through the support of various supermarket chains and other government institutions. Have you been screened lately? When was your breast ultrasound or mammogram? Talked to your doctor today? Remember: early detection is key! Check out our Facebook page for more information on breast cancer screening and/or testing: Island Neighbours.

Help Dominica!
Stand in solidarity with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Wear something pink proudly! Elsewhere, relief efforts continue in Dominica. Find out how you can help. Visit the Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund (www.dominiCARElief.org) or email the Dominica London High Commission (info@dominicahighcommission.co.uk) for more information. Help our Island Neighbours!

Medical emergencies are defined by their spontaneity. If you are visiting any of the Island Neighbours this weekend, we would like to equip you with a mobile medical directory.

Hospital Pierre Zobda Quikman is the largest hospital is Martinique. It is located approximately three miles away from the capital and is known as one of the premier emergency facilities on the island. If you’re in need of medicines, a quick drive to Fort de France will remedy this situation.

Pharmacy Cypria and Pharmacie de La Paix are conveniently located in the city and provide a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

In Pointe a Pitre, the commercial centre of Guadeloupe, you can find approximately 13 doctors to assist you in case of sickness. Polyclinique de la Guadeloupe in MorneJolivière Pointe a Pitre is fully-equipped for surgeries with a maternal ward and more. At times, we can curb a slight pain or irritation before it worsens.

Let’s Go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! While shopping may be a vocation, we advise that you do so responsibly. Medical emergencies can occur anywhere at any time. It is, therefore, best if you prepare adequately for such eventuality. A visit to Pharmacie de La Paix in Martinique can transform these worries instantaneously. In there, you may create your own private medical bag. Purchase adhesive bandages, gloves, tweezers, cotton and even triangular bandages. Store these in a small bag which can be carried along easily. You may even slip in your prescription for convenience.

Historical note! According to the Institute of Health, 8% of Guadeloupeans have diabetes as opposed to 5% in France. Getto know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Le médecin : the doctor
fever — de la fièvre
diarrhea — la diarrhée
flu — la grippe
heartburn — des brûlures d’estomac
sinustitis — de la sinusite
toothache — mal aux dents
to have a cold — (être) enrhumé
to have asthma — (être) asthmatique
to have diabetes — (être) diabétique to beconstipated — (être) constipé
tobepregnant — (être) enceinte
tofaint — s’évanouir
to bleed — saigner

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