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Tori Leonce – The Future of St. Lucian Music

Image of Tori Leonce
Tori Leonce

IT is safe to say that now is the perfect time for budding local musicians to not only stick their toes in the industry pond but jump in head-first.

With songs like “Split In De Middle” and “Bad In Bum Bum” shining a light on the local music industry, pulling in the attention of music lovers from across the globe (literally, even in Japan!), now really is the opportune time for the local industry to grow and branch out.

Quite a few of the more seasoned artistes have made a name for themselves in the business and have garnered a following of thousands internationally, but it is seemingly the fresh talent that have made the biggest and most outstanding strides towards breaking the mould.

Today’s FITC is one of those young and fresh faces hoping to be part of the groundbreakers with her siren sound.

Tori Leonce goes by the stage name Tori Elle and is a bold and fun, but hardworking singer who has stormed onto the scene with her song, “Call Me”.

The 17-year-old college student told The VOICE that although she is dedicated to her studies in Literature, Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Caribbean Studies, she is also 100% focused on making a career in music. With her goal-oriented personality steering her along, I have a feeling that she is definitely one to look out for.

The VOICE: When and why did you decide to dabble in the music business?

Tori: Growing up, I’d always see some of my favourite artistes perform and how happy they looked. But I was so young, so when I turned 10, I noticed that this was exactly what I wanted to do in life. Soon after, singing became a necessity and not a hobby. I’ve always said that when I do work, I want to do what I love — and here I am.

The VOICE: With the time spent in the business, what do you like about it the most?

Tori: To be quite honest, every second means just as much as the other. The whole process gives me chills and thrills and happiness; however, if I did have to give a specific part, I’d have to say writing the song is my favourite part because I get the chance to pour my heart onto a piece of paper and make magic.

The VOICE: You are quite young and fresh-faced. What can music lovers expect from you as the future of St. Lucian music?

Tori: I write what I feel, so they should expect honesty and purity. They can also expect to relate to what I write about. They should also expect great sounds and pure vibes whenever listening to one of my songs because every single word means something.

Image of Tori Leonce
Tori Leonce

The VOICE: This is not an easy industry to get into and maintain a thriving career. Do you think you have what it takes to make a solid and reputable name for yourself here?

Tori: I definitely do believe so. I am fully dedicated to my music and, like I said before, it has become a necessity in my daily life; it is now a part of me. I am dedicated to myself, my music and all my supporters. I am always ready to do something new and ready to put music out.

The VOICE: What sets you apart from the rest that will make fans gravitate towards your sound?

Tori: I write for others to relate. I have an explosive passion inside me for music, so these are some of the things that would set me apart from the rest. Also, I believe I am one of the youngest and also the newest to the industry.

The VOICE: In this day and age, many young boys and girls long to break into the music industry. What advice would you give them to help them achieve their dream?

Tori: I would give them the same advice that was given to me by my mom: “Get grounded, get an education, stay focused and run after your dreams.” To me, anything is possible and anyone is capable of achieving what they set their hearts and efforts on achieving.

The VOICE: Finally, what do you think needs to be done by the powers-that-be in the industry to make it easier for potential artistes to make it and achieve success?

Tori: I think more attention needs to be paid to our youth as there is so much hidden and never-before-seen talent. We should also use social media to our advantage, where videos of different talent can be submitted and showcased. This wouldn’t only bring attention locally, but can also gain international attention, possibly leading to amazing opportunities for both our young and old.

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