St. Jude Hospital Remembers 2009 Fire

PRESS RELEASE – LAST Saturday marked the eighth anniversary of the devastating St. Jude Hospital fire that resulted in the death of three patients and led to the hospital now operating out of the George Odlum National Stadium.

The fire began in the surgical ward and spread to the pediatric ward and operating theatre.

To mark the occasion, the Board of Directors, management and staff of St. Jude Hospital pay homage to the three souls lost during the blaze, namely Mernus Vigier, Claudius Soudine and Joseph Jn. Baptiste.

The fire brought out the humanity of the public who gave valiantly of their time and effort to assist the hospital with the move into the stadium.

The anniversary of the fire is a sobering reminder of the important contribution St. Jude Hospital makes in the provision of healthcare in St. Lucia, serving a population of approximately 70,000 people.

Even while housed in less than ideal circumstances, in 2016, St. Jude Hospital staff provided care and treatment to 47,355 patients, performed 1053 surgeries and delivered 643 babies.

In recognition of the conditions under which staff operate and the environment within which patients are served, the Board of Directors of St. Jude Hospital affirms its commitment to working with the Government of St. Lucia to successfully transition the hospital to its original site.

The Board of Directors is of the view that this transition should be treated as a matter of national priority.

The anniversary of the fire will be commemorated with a special service this week at the George Odlum National Stadium.

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  1. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes; who in their right mind should ever dream of setting up a Stadium
    in the back bush of a yet underdeveloped area? but it was built and could not be used, for whatever
    reason; and it’s too late now to worry about that.such a waste of time, money and opportunity.
    Tragedy struck, a fire at St.Jude’s Hospital destroyed vital parts of the structure.The Design and
    construction of a Hospital is a very Specialized undertaking, amateurs and ones who dabble in
    highly professional designs must be weary. The authorities must be careful in dishing out Permits
    for the Construction of Vital Structures, Schools, Hospitals, Highrise offices etc. etc.Now the best thing
    to do is to start the demolishing of some “Mistakes” just look at St. Jude’s, after eight years, a total mess.
    But first, that so called Stadium, don’t waste a Dime on it down she should go and on that Site, “St.Jude’s”

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