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This is another in a series of articles intended to expose our readers to pertinent information regarding their fitness efforts. It is produced mainly on the basis of research done by Rodriguez “Rodja” Constantine, owner of REPTS (Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists). Rodja has over 20 years experience in the field.

Exercise During
Pregnancy May Boost
Babies’ Brain Activity

MODERATE exercise during pregnancy may boost your baby’s brain development, according to new research.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Montreal, followed 18 pregnant women from the start of their second trimester. The moms-to-be were divided into two groups; an exercise group and an inactive group.

The 10 women in the exercise group were told to engage in at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week at a moderate intensity. The 8 women in the inactive group were given no exercise instruction.

The exercise group used pedometers and accelerometers to keep track of their daily of activity.

The researchers then recorded the brain activity levels of the newborns at 8 to 12 days after birth using a specially designed bath cap with 124 electrodes. They recorded electroencephalograms (EEG) while they played sleeping babies a series of beeps that were interspersed with different sounds.

They found that the babies of mothers who exercised had brains that were more fully developed. According to study researcher Elise Labonte-LeMoyne, a Ph.D. candidate in kinesiology at the University of Montreal “at 10 days, the children have a more mature brain when their mothers exercised during the pregnancy.”

It’s possible that exercise speeds up a process known as synaptic pruning, whereby extra nerve cells and connections are eliminated, helping brain development, Labonte-LeMoyne said.

The researchers plan to follow up with the infants when they are 1 year old, to see if their heightened brain activity set the stage for more neural connections and enhanced cognitive development. Just keep in mind that while training during pregnancy may help to produce smart offspring, training without prior approval from your doctor or assistance from a qualified professional is not a very smart decision at all.

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