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NEWSFLASH! School break is over.

You may have been a summer camper learning a few drills for a cadet’s outing, a student learning the dangers of illicit drugs, a conservationist-in-training learning the inevitable effects of global warming or a volunteer serving your country wholeheartedly.

If you’re a “busy-body”, an eco-getaway may have been your ideal vacation away from your work space in a hidden undiscovered, green escape. Perhaps, you never longed for solitude this summer. All you wanted was the sound of the metropolitan noises and opportunities to contribute to the commercial sector.

Well …that chapter’s over for many students and teachers living in the Island Neighbours. The new academic year begins and it is time to take stock of your plans:

Ensure that all your writing material is neatly packed in your school bag.

Create a study timetable. Include time for leisure, family initiatives, after-school programmes, church activities and rest.

Ensure that you get sufficient rest each day.

Indulge yourself in some reading – nurture your mind.

Exercise regularly and drink adequate water each day.

The opening of a new academic year can be a challenge but challenges are easily surmounted with hard work, dedication, perseverance and an unrelenting desire to achieve greatness. Approach the year optimistically, face the challenges boldly, laugh when necessary and cry when needed. Make it your best year ever! Go boldly to the place where you touch your dreams.

The Dominica Mountain Chicken Project is hosting the Annual Mountain Chicken Walk on September 2. Registration for this walk costs only EC$10. Active living is healthy living, so put on those walking shoes if you are in the Nature Isle and join this worthwhile venture.

Neighbourly GetAways
Parents, the children are off to school and this is the perfect opportunity for some “you time”. Sail over to Martinique to enjoy some of the island’s great water sport activities. An Ba Bwa in Morne Capot (Martinique) is recommended for kayaking amidst lush vegetation and scenic spots. Safety concerns? Precautionary measures are taken to ensure that all remain safe. This is undoubtedly the perfect activity to unwind after a very engaging summer.

Bonding with nature is perfect relaxation for the body, mind and soul. Island Neighbours invites you to Le Parc aux orchidées in Pointe Noire, Guadeloupe, a floral garden comprising a wide array of orchid species with spa, massage and lodging facilities. Do I hear your acceptance of this invitation? Uh huh! That’s the perfect way to unwind – the ultimate spa treatment in the midst of nature’s beauty.
Historical note! In Guadeloupe, education is FREE from age 6-16 years. Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Back to School
Course — Cours
Classroom — Une salle de classe
Office — Le bureau
Notebook — Un cahier
Home Work — Des devoirs
Chalkboard — Le tableau
Backpack — Un sac à dos
Dictionary — Dictionnaire
Test — Un examen
Piece of paper — Une feuille de papier
Pen — Un stylo
Pencil — Un crayon
Student’s desk — Un pupitre
Paper — le papier
Student — un étudiant / une étudiante
High School — Le lycee
Middle School /Junior High — Le collège
College/ University — Une université

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