LIAT Launches New Product For Customers

PRESS RELEASE – LIAT, the Caribbean Airline, will this week open access to more destinations with the launch of its Interline Gateway.

Hosted by Travel Port, the Interline Gateway will allow LIAT customers to book tickets with LIAT along with any Interline partners.

The product, which will be available through the LIAT Call Centre, will see passengers being able to book tickets which include a LIAT flight along with flights from any of the nine Interline partners: JetBlue, Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, Corsair, Virgin Atlantic, Air France-KLM, Air Canada, Surinam Airways, and WinAir.

The payments for these tickets will be made via credit or debit cards. This will now allow LIAT passengers to make one booking via LIAT for their travel as well as have LIAT assistance in case of changes.

“LIAT is always looking at ways to improve the product we offer our customers and allowing them to access the destinations offered by our interline partners is another way we are doing this,” stated Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer-Jones.

Reifer-Jones noted that the Interline Gateway has been in development for some time and LIAT was happy to bring this added benefit to the market.

Customers who wish to use the service can call the LIAT Call Centre and speak to an agent about booking a reservation. The Interline Gateway will be accepting bookings from August 15.

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