‘St. Jude’ Highlights Depression

Image: Volunteers being tested for high blood pressure.

ST. JUDE Hospital on Friday joined global observances of World Health Day with a community health fair in Vieux Fort. The health fair was held jointly with CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank in the bank’s parking lot on New Dock Road.

Image: Volunteers being tested for high blood pressure.
Volunteers being tested for high blood pressure.

The theme of the observance was “Depression: Let’s Talk” and was meant to provide a better understanding of what depression is, how it can be prevented and treated, reduce the stigma associated with the condition and also lead more people to seek help.

The main message of the health fair was that depression can be treated and that the condition can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or socio-economic background.

During the event, participants were given a questionnaire to fill out to determine their risk factor for depression. Of the 37 respondents, 20 percent were identified as being at risk for depression. They were referred to the Psychiatrist at St. Jude Hospital for further evaluation and possible treatment. Participants were also screened for high blood pressure.

St. Jude Hospital wishes to thank CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank for partnering with us on such an important national issue.

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