758 Team Subie Elects New Executive

ON Sunday April 9, 2017, “758 Team Subie” elected a new executive to oversee the club’s affairs.

758 Team Subie, a non-profit motor vehicle group established in 2015, promotes the Subaru brand of vehicles and engages in community development activities.

The new executive has pledged to continue the magnificent work started by the former executive, especially in the field of social transformation.

The New Executive Members are as follows:
1. President – Zachary Hippolyte
2. Vice President – William Wilson
3. Secretary – Gemmy Bailey
4. Assistant Secretary – Dessler St. Rose
5. Treasurer – RacquelProspere
6. Assistant Treasurer – Roney Francis
7. Public Relations Officer (PRO) – Ezra Moise
8. Assistant PRO – Lilus Joseph
9. Road Captain 1 – Craig Joseph
10. Road Captain 2 – Oran Parkinson
11. Trustees – Dorcas Daniel, Ezra Arthur, Christopher Joseph, Narcisse Moise and Isiah Isaac.

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