Quick Action Saves Soufriere Business From Total Loss

QUICK action by officers of the Soufriere Fire Station on Monday morning saved a business house from being reduced to rubble and an entire block flattened.

Kai Poule, a meat shop,\ located on Church Street was discovered in smoke by a passerby who proceeded to the Soufriere Fire Station to make a report.

The business is located on the first floor of a two-storey building which also houses a garment store.

Among the items damaged by the fire were groceries, a cash register, a transformer and a refrigerator.

Some residents say they were alerted to the incident by the smell of smoke.

According to acting Station Officer at the Soufriere Fire Station, Alyn Roserie, they received the alarm about 5:40 a.m and immediately proceeded to the scene.

Roserie said it is likely that the fire was electrical in nature and called on the public to ensure that they adhered to the precautionary measures which the fire department usually explained in the media whenever they are doing electrical installations.

Just over a year ago, a fire in the town destroyed a few business-houses and dwellings.

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