Colgate National Spelling Champion from Micoud Primary

Image: The winners with teachers and sponsors representatives

ANOTHER champion hails from the south of the island. Last year, the Colgate National Dental Spelling Bee winner came from the Pierrot Combined School. This year, the champion is Mekella Popo, a petite Grade 3 student from the Micoud Primary School.

“I feel elated today, happy and overwhelmed,” Mekella said after her recent success.

The finals of the Competition was held last week Friday at the Coconut Bay Hotel, in Vieux Fort, where eight participants each representing their educational district competed very keenly for the grand title.

Image of Mekella Popo
Mekella Popo …. Champion

Ahead of the event, one of the architects of the competition, AngellaMariat, of the Curriculum and Materials Development Unit (CAMDU) appealed to teachers and parents to give the young students opportunities to participate and dispel the fear of what she termed “little children spelling big words.”

She said: “The Ministry is so grateful when corporate sponsors come in to assist. And I’m saying to you teachers that’s the only opportunity that children get in order to win prizes, wonderful prizes. And so, we are indeed grateful for the assistance of Colgate and the other corporate partners; we are grateful for what you have done for the education system.”

The champion’s teacher, BrendalineGonzague says Mekella is an exemplary student who brings much excitement and high expectations to the class and the school.

She added: “It was not that difficult because as soon as the child picks up the word, she is able to spell it. We had to be studying the words together, making fun of the words because we did not know the proper pronunciation of the words and we had to ‘beat all around the bush’ trying to get the correct pronunciation of the word. And I really enjoyed doing it because it was quite exciting.”

And the support of the parents is absolutely crucial. Mekella’s mom explained.

Image: The winners with teachers and sponsors representatives
The winners with teachers and sponsors representatives

“When I spoke to her teacher about her love for words and her love for books she mentioned the Spelling Bee and soon after, Mekella was chosen as one of the children to prepare for the competition. She eventually won among her schoolmates. Ever since then, I’ve worked with her at home, every morning during preparation for school”.

Brand Manager Betty-Forde, informed that Colgate are the main sponsors of the competition which is now into its sixth year and with growing support from Anchor, Farmer’s Choice. She indicated her company’s pleasure working with the Ministry of Health and Education in order to put smiles on the faces of the children of St. Lucia.

The second and third place winners are Shane Narcisse of the St. Aloysius R. C Boys Primary and Akeelah Henry of the Soufriere Primary school.

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