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For today’s WOTW, I had to get really serious for a minute and do some extensive reflection of the world that we live in, and where I fit in, as well as the people I encounter on a daily basis.

Marie Andrew Piazza is an expert in the field of health, fitness and wellness, as she is a certified personal fitness trainer (SDSU), Holistic Health Coach (IIN) and lifestyle coach, corporate wellness instructor, which is fitting because this lady has a bright and radiating light that has the power to make any dark and negative energy flee.

In true WOTW style, she is indeed a SuperShero with a number of qualifications in life that would make your head spin. Some of those include being a paralegal, model, beauty queen, dancer, world traveler, owner and operator of five businesses — four of which are health fitness and wellness-related — where she would teach 12 classes a week for years.
Don’t breathe just yet because it doesn’t end there. She was also a certified teacher of Jazzercise, Jazz Dance, Les Mills, Bodypump, Body Attack, Bodystep, Mossa, Group Power, Group Core and More, Spinning, Circuit Training, Ta Bata, Bootcamp, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation…I think I lost five pounds just typing all of this down.


Describing her personality, Piazza said: “I live to be happy and full of joy in celebrating beautiful things, places and people. I love dance, children, sport and exploring experiences worth sharing which include travel, nature, meeting new people and achieving utmost financial independence up to a level where I wish to live my life until the end of days! Slowing down to zero is not my option but being mindful of 100% of my daily decisions and habits is. It’s not easy but it is possible. It also must be fun!”

She continued: “I love to be surrounded by positive and creative people. I love to share and care. Right now my caring, inspiration and motivation is geared towards similarly-minded global women over 45 years old who want to know that there is more of life to enjoy and explore as they become courageous ageless women. They are entrepreneurs, professionals, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends.”

The wife and mother of three considers herself to be a work-in-progress and is on a personal journey towards redefining her life as a woman who chooses to do all things, be it work or play, that brings her joy so that she could continue to spread her positivity.

Like every other Shero, she has her weaknesses, hers being the struggles of understanding peri-menopause to full-on menopause which she described as a mysterious challenge that is so different for each woman. She has learnt to embrace it as she believes that one becomes more outspoken about what one wants in his/her life, as well as who he/she wants to hang out with.

Piazza quietly created a business called “I Am Ready World” five years ago after she was faced with a choice between continuing the running of Sportivo Health and Fitness Club or reaching more people in a deep and meaningful way.

Being the lifelong learner that she is, she decided to trust her instincts and so one year later, the club was closed and the new business was born, allowing the instructor to add Certified Holistic Health Coach, to her already long list of qualifications.

She said: “I became clear of my path which others around me would not be able to understand yet. I knew in my heart and soul I was given a gift of helping, supporting and coaching people to happiness. But first I had to coach myself to happiness. Not easy, but it is a loving contemplation.”

Piazza said regardless of age, image is always a factor, especially with women and it is with this fact that she gets the dedication to live a healthy lifestyle and also lead by example.

“I get the strength from my beliefs, everyday learning from women (and men) I meet and places I have been, and the people who love and support me. I consider myself to be a Visionary Connector and Shape-up Strategist to help women create their own plan and redefine what they really want for their next chapter. As a coach, I offer some free one-to-one clarity or breakthrough call, available each week to help them explore this. They always leave with a MAP mini re-start plan. They can contact me for a link to schedule a call.”

She added: “It is utterly important if you have spent 20-plus years nurturing and taking care of others and always wondering if you are a good mother, wife, friend, daughter, team member, employee. When your kids are grown, your nest starts to get empty; you are left with yourself to figure out things: Who was I? Who am I now? So now what? It matters. So what are you going to do with the next 20, 30 or 40 years? Give up dreams, wait to shrivel up and die with your soul in your pocket? Live with resentment and lack of love? The CAW club is for women who want more than that. And, they can have it and ditch the guilt and shape-up their life.”

When it came to Piazza’s secret, all I can say is it’s envy-inducing because it is a good’n.

She said: “I performed at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles for the opening ceremony Jazz dance ensemble with one of my most admired mentors Judi Sheppard Missett of Jazzercise.”

Ok, in my opinion, just being at the Olympics Games as a spectator is amazing, but to be part of the event…WOW!

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  1. Thank you so much Rochelle Gonzales and the Voice St Lucia. I am honoured to join the group of excellent women you have covered each week.
    You are an talented journalist (and story teller) and a passionate woman of courage. I wish we could have got my whole story and photos in but now you know most of it all.
    Your readers reach me for the free clarity breakthrough calls at the email below and i will send link to my appointment calendar. Enjoy a super week.

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