Serving a New Society: Delivering Beyond Your Doorstep

JUST as in all service industries, the customer has always been the main focus of postal services worldwide.

One of the first examples of globalization, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) was established 142 years ago as a means of creating a seamless network for communicating across borders, allowing the Post to deliver the world. Industry dynamics and consumer demands have today pushed the Post to deliver right to customers’ homes – at their doorsteps.

Our customers trust us and we are also the only trusted partner to provide locally and globally essential services to the public thanks to the universal service delivery network and obligations.

Our customers’ needs, however, are changing rapidly. Modern information and communications technologies have created a new type of consumer, for whom delivering at the doorstep is not enough; they want service when and where they need it. The demand is for more flexible and personalized services.

img: World Post Day message of Director General of Universal Postal Union Bishar Abidraham Hussein
World Post Day message of Director General of Universal Postal Union Bishar Abidraham Hussein

While these innovations may be disruptive, we are hopeful that, as has happened with other advancements before, the Post will turn these challenges into opportunities and stay relevant to its customers.

To achieve this, the Post must continuously transform and find new ways to go beyond simply delivering to the customer’s doorstep.

In the Istanbul World Postal Strategy, the UPU has provided a suitable platform that will guide the postal industry between 2017–2020 and beyond. Under this plan, the strategy sets out to achieve three very important goals:

Goal 1: Improve the interoperability of network infrastructure
Goal 2: Ensure sustainable and modern products
Goal 3: Foster market and sector functioning

Leading the transformation agenda is the UPU’s Vision 2020, which will focus on innovation, integration and inclusion to drive our industry’s business over the next four years. We must work toward creating a postal world where innovation is shared, promoted and delivered; where postal networks are integrated internationally, regionally and nationally; and where the Post is seen as a vehicle for inclusive development by governments, development partners and international organizations.

Above all, the industry has to identify new opportunities being brought about by customers’ daily needs and expectations in all facets of their lives.

The UPU is working to make this possible by bringing postal leaders and stakeholders together and has created opportunities for them to discuss new ways to transform our business to meet customers’ needs in the changing postal paradigm.

We are determined to remain the trusted, reliable and affordable communication service provider for institutions, businesses and citizens of the world.

I wish you a happy World Post Day.

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