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Music Is Life Says DJ Hyper D

Image of Eustacius Orlando Phillip(Hyper D)
Image of Eustacius Orlando Phillip(Hyper D)
Eustacius Orlando Phillip(Hyper D)

TODAY’S FITC reminds me of the reason that I love this segment of my job so much…that part where I get to meet people who are so lovely that their humble and gentle aura just leaves you in awe.

Eustacius Orlando Phillip who is more commonly known as DJ Hyper D or Orlando, is one of the island’s most sought after producers/DJs and with his track record of awards mixed in with his fresh yet classy and down- to-earth personality, it is no wonder why he is such a hot commodity.

The 31 year old from Water Works Road in Castries credits his humble upbringing for his infectiously humble personality and says that nothing is ever too much for him.

Phillip stands out from the rest in his profession because to observers, he possesses a ninja-like attitude where he emerges, perfectly executes his target and then slinks away leaving a massive impact on the crowds in a sense that they are left extremely blown away by his performance.

To the outsider looking in, life might seem like a never ending party for the DJ but he reveals today that it is anything but.

He shows that doing what you love, with the people that you love at your side showing you undying support is the best way to overcome any hardships that might come along to attempt to knock you off your path.

Currently, Phillip can be heard rocking the crowds at the Caribbean Premier League Cricket tournament alongside his childhood friend DJ Hollywood HP.

Phillip classes moments like these as some of his biggest career highlights as he gets to work with his friend who has since become one half of a power house duo that is now a force to be reckoned with.

The VOICE: You are currently making a name for yourself as one of the island’s top DJs. Tell me about that life.

Hyper D: I have been a lover of music for as long as I can remember. The first party I played at would be at my primary school where I took my dad’s home stereo system and brought it to school for our end of term party. I took a deeper interest in music when my neighbour Decosta who had a hifi system, would play music in the community. I used to sit there for hours on end and watch what they were doing. I would then go back home and play it all over in my head until one day he asked me if I wanted to try it out. He was impressed with what I did and the journey began. As a teenager, I was always begging my parents to allow me to go out to parties with the older guys, just to see what it was like to play at a real party. And you know they would never approve. I really took it seriously during my senior years at the Entrepot Secondary School, where I would DJ at various school activities. I’ve worked different jobs, from working at a car dealership to being an award winning bartender but music and I would always find our way back to each other.

The VOICE: You have seemingly risen from goodness knows where and you have exploded onto the scene, how did you manage to do that?

Hyper D: That question is actually incorrect. DJ Hyper D has been there putting in the work for a very long time (laughs) from taking part in DJ competitions to playing at various events. In 2008 MacNaughtonMc Lean and Iwa Rankin approached me at the Upper Level night club after a night of hearing me play and offered me a job at RCI. At first I declined but they were a bit persistent and so I finally agreed to go to an interview. I worked as a DJ/Announcer/Producer from 2008 to 2016 which helped me make a name for myself. They saw something in me that I didn’t see myself.

The VOICE: One thing about you that is very noticeable is that you have a very humble demeanour and you are not as loud and brash as DJ’s are typically. Why is that?

Hyper D: I grew up from humble beginnings knowing what respect should be. As much as being a DJ makes you popular and puts you in the spotlight, I never allowed it to change me as a person. It’s like I tell my friends: “never get caught in the hype”, as quickly as it can make you, people can forget you. I can get loud but only when I need to.

The VOICE: Walk me through some of your biggest highlights?

Hyper D: Hmmm let’s see, 1. getting onto radio was an accomplishment for me which in turn, got me to play at the island’s biggest events including Colour Me Red, the official launch of The St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival as well as almost every single carnival event. 2. Producing the 2014 winning Soca Monarch track alongside Studio 758 performed by Ezra “D’Funmachine” Augustin. 3. Travelling to play at various events including the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Cricket in 2014 for the finals in St Kitts and 2016. I recently came off tour with them from the US leg of the tournament. These are just to name a few but my biggest accomplishment by far was saying “I do” in 2012 to my number ONE fan, my support system, the one who tells me I can when I feel like I can’t. She’s helped me develop as a person as well as loves me for who I am, my sweetheart, my beautiful wife Nadirah.

The VOICE: What about the low points? I’m guessing that this job is not all party and good times as it might seem.

Hyper D: You are certainly correct. There are low points like assisting certain promoters with their events and making it successful only to end up not getting paid what you’re worth. I know that every DJ has gone through this at some point in time. To be a good DJ you have to always be on top of your game. This involves sleepless nights and doing research of what’s hot as well as acquiring the latest music and putting it all together. That takes a lot of work that the ordinary person wouldn’t see.

The VOICE: Seeing that you play at so many events, with the same music and the same outcome, does it ever get boring and tedious like another job would?

Hyper D: It does get tedious by doing two to three events in the same day but boring? No! Reason is, when you are doing something that you love, you don’t see it as a job. Seeing people enjoy themselves and knowing it’s because of the vibe and music that I’m bringing across, brings a level of satisfaction. As for the same music, that’s what makes me different, there’s always a different method to play a track. I am a producer as well and big on remixes. So expect to hear something out the ordinary when I’m on.

The VOICE: Where expenditure is concerned, how expensive is it to maintain your job and reputation?

Hyper D: I like this question! Being a DJ is not all about the music you play or how good you are, it also has to do with your professionalism and most importantly your image…the way you look, your attire and we all know clothes ain’t cheap. You have to keep that fresh look. I’m a techie kinda guy so I change equipment every other year. To answer this question it is very expensive

The VOICE: With so many DJs popping up everywhere offering their services for basic payments, is this a good and lucrative profession to invest in?

Hyper D: Technology has made it so easy for anyone to become a DJ but it’s not all about the music. I would say to anyone wanting to become a DJ, don’t take the easy way out. Be more than a DJ and have something unique about you. Also, learn music and be professional. Remember that a low cost DJ will only offer a low level service.

The VOICE: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Hyper D: Ten years from now, I see myself as top DJ and Producer like Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Diplo who I aim to be like, just to name a few. My musical journey won’t stop! As long as there is music, my love and passion will live on.

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