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It’s Here: A New Workable Paradigm For Governance

It’s late Tuesday evening, May 31, and as you well know, Editor, I have already sent in my usual submission to The Weekend VOICE (which I fear is going to be a bit of an anti-climax after this), but O-M-G! I just have to submit this for inclusion in your Thursday paper. I am positively brimming over with excitement. I can hardly contain myself.

I have just listened to Mr Chastanet speak in Gros Islet about his party’s (the UWP) model for empowering the people of this St Lucia in a whole new way, and I foresee a whole new burst of involvement, interaction and initiative by the people of this land. I see St Lucia being taken notice of by the world. I see organisation and decentralization at their best with the oh-so-sensible structure he has outlined – those boards of directors of zones. I see the various zones competing for being the best. I see something which you and I have been clamouring for, for so many years: a paradigm shift in the way St Lucia is governed. This model is so democratic, so inclusive, it will give a voice to people in all corners of St Lucia.

And his inspiring speech about where the real value of a person lies and what the average citizen anywhere is really asking for to feel worthy… it takes a confident and inspired leader to show us a whole new way in which we can proceed to making this country and its people progress in all domains. You have no idea how inspired I already am, at the thought of something which is NOT business as usual. I don’t know, but the other party must be totally bamboozled by this new model of fulfilment, of opportunity, of growth for the people and for this beautiful isle of ours, coming out of left field. Don’t doubt Chastanet!

Allen Chastanet, I am declaring here and now, if there is any way in which you and your team think I can assist in this welcome thrust to take this country forward out of the rut in which it has been, uninspired, dying slowly, or not-so-slowly really, I want to participate. All these years, I have wanted to see someone have the imagination and courage to come up with a new workable paradigm for the politics, the governance – call it what you will – of this land, to propel St Lucia forward, to create a happier people, a people more enlightened about what really matters in this life and in a society where we all have a voice and the opportunities are there for us to participate meaningfully.

Who would have known, be honest, that Mr Allen Chastanet would be the one to show us the way out of the same old, same old. From the start I admired his courage for being the one from among all of us, to step forward to rescue this country where, let’s face it, no other young men or women dared or cared sufficiently. I especially admired him for the fact that he did not need to. As we like to say, he was not hungry. But to rock Saint Lucia and excite us in this way in such a short space of time – I did not see that coming. I guess no one did. That is a business mind at work. And with the impressive team of women, yea! –and men along with him, we are definitely headed places.

It could not be a more exciting time for Saint Lucia. Let the media get the word out there so we can immediately begin to attract the attention and admiration of our brothers and sisters over the seas. Let the young persons of this land who declared that they were not voting, sit up and take notice. You wanted something different, something which made sense, something which could give you a voice. Well, here it is. Get out and vote! I challenge you to make the new model work for you through your participation.

As for me, I will be agog with interest and excitement as I listen out for further information, as I read the UWP Manifesto which, I suppose, throws further light on how all the plans will work together for good, and in the weeks and months ahead as we start down the new road towards the realization of our hopes and dreams. Don’t be left out!
Congratulations, Mr Chastanet! It takes not only inspired planning, efficient organisation and intellect, but HEART and CARING to break out with this bold new arrangement, this bold new way forward for your people. It must yield benefits – and not just material – but those vital others which satisfy our hierarchy of needs à la Maslow, as we start on our way to becoming a self-actualized people. Going forward, I look forward to increased, genuine communication which will take place vertically – bottom-up and top-down – as well as horizontally. Let all ideas contend! I can see this model being replicated in our sister isles and beyond. People of Saint Lucia, play your part. You are being given the opportunity, the tools, the channel, by which to lead a more gratified existence. Grab them all. Let’s build a new Saint Lucia!

This has so stirred my longing for seeing a new horizon of hope and advancement for my Saint Lucia. I hated the SOS – same old you-know-what! As the young people say: BORING! So, here’s your chance! I want to be part of this exciting change, and I am truly excited. Have you noticed?

–Nahdjla Bailey

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  1. …..yes Nahdjla, I can feel your excitement,……….just like I felt Chastanet’s passion thousands of miles away!

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