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Change Onward, Never Backward

WALK faithfully into the future. Never look back; avoid past mistakes. The prize of the upward call is stamped within the heart and soul of us all. Don’t be tempted by the evil one and never doubt a better life awaits those who dare to abandon the old ways and change for better. Indeed, change is the only constant in life.

An in-depth and impartial examination of the issues which have plagued this country in the last five years will reveal that VAT has brought more misery to this island. This wicked VAT plus higher water rates and other taxes have taken people backwards, not forward. In addition the government has lied about the IMPACS report and its Saudi millionaire at UNESCO and IMO. To this day they are silent on Grynberg Oil and a fake off-shore school in Saint Lucia.

These crucial issues do not seem to matter to the SLP evil which uses politics to enrich themselves and their friends. This island needs independent free thinking electorate to save it from SLP corruption and bad management. Persons who speak out in the name of democracy often attract threats and hostility from those who support the failed SLP regime. The SLP hacks are desperate. They sense their days are numbered. But don’t turn back now and allow them to pass. Victory is in your hands so go out and vote for change. Forward ever, backward never!

The SLP hacks are cunning and angry. Had they taken time to govern the country and not continue their foolish opposition nonsense, people would not be so determined to vote them out. They advertise on TV dressing their negatives in yellow and using red to insinuate positive. Had they worked better as they promised in 2011 there would be no need to blame the innocent yellow colour or anything else for their failure. The SLP must blame themselves and their failed leader, no one else.

Even at this eleventh hour they fill the electorate with absurd promises they cannot keep. Their repeated empty sloganeering, abuse and disrespect for the intelligence of the electorate will not work this time. They fill the social media with all sorts of false statements none of which are in patois or Creole. Yet they continue to criticize Allen Chastanet for his lack of patois.

In the process of criticizing Allen Chastanet (and the UWP), they attack his family and disrespect some SLP supporters who work and benefit from the Chastanets. It’s time to vote out such clueless, disrespectful, dishonest and habitual liars and send them packing.
Go out and vote for the torch – the flambeau – vote for change. Vote them out! Forward forever! Change is you, make it happen.

– The Advocate


  1. Change Onward, Never Backward

    It is very foolish to never look back to the past, and one’s history, for in so doing one is in danger of repeating elements which did not serve them well.
    It is wise to have something concrete to base decisions on to march triumphantly into the future. We all desire change, but change for change’s sake is not change. One must also grow.

  2. ………..the fact that the Media and the Chamber of Commerce didn’t call for a debate between the two men vying for PM is mind boggling,…….a bunch of toothless paper tigers!!

  3. L’équilibre de la douceur.

    Comme un
    rêve qui revient
    dans la douceur
    d’une forêt je
    vois, en marchant
    sous le son, la
    tendre chanson
    d’un oiseau

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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