Image: St. Lucia Jazz - the biggest party in the Caribbean.
Image: St. Lucia Jazz - the biggest party in the Caribbean.
St. Lucia Jazz – the biggest party in the Caribbean.

IT’S jazz season once more and St. Lucians are gearing up for the rebranded St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

This jazzy phenomenon is secretly sweeping across the Island Neighbours with different islands hosting a diverse edition of the festival. This week, we will consider some of the Jazz Festivals in the Island Neighbours and how they differ.

With a wide range of artistic talent, St. Lucia has successfully incorporated the arts into the festival. This new addition makes it one of the most unique in the world with its showcase of literary prowess and a rich designer dossier.

Over in Dominica, the isle which has been hailed for its Creole Music Festival, is the host of its own version if Jazz – the Dominica Jazz ‘N Creole Festival. Held annually at the Cabrits National Park, this event is the only one of its kind with a heavy emphasis on the creole heritage and indigenous music.

The French isles of Martinique and Guadeloupe also host editions of the Jazz festival during the year. The Biguine Jazz Festival of Martinique is well-placed to be one of the most unique in the world. With its showcase of local and foreign French artistes and with heavy emphasis on the ever-popular Zouk and Cadance music, this festival is used primarily as a “tourist magnet”. Every year, hundreds of patrons attend the festival while enjoying the beauty of the “isle of flowers”.

Sister isle Guadeloupe is the proud host of the annual Jazz à Pointe-à-Pitre Festival. Over the years, this festival has proudly showcased some of the best musicians around the Caribbean and the world; Etta James, Monty Alexander and the Caribbean Jazz Workshop. The event, like many others, features free concerts and master classes. Have you attended any Jazz Festival in the Island Neighbours? Tell us about your experience on Facebook: Island Neighbours.

DOMFESTA is here once more! This annual festival organized by the National Cultural Council of Dominica, is a wonderful display of youthful and aged talent across the island. This year, the festival is being held from April 29 to June 3. A wide range of events will be held; Creole Spelling Bee Competition, Night of Poetry and a dance festival.

Music lovers, if you are looking for a weekend of fun and entertainment, we are going to Marie Galante, Guadeloupe for Terre de blues (Earth Blues) from 6 -9 June . This event promises to showcase some of the best in French music – in particular local talent. This is an ideal activity for the family- start planning today.

Historical note! Did you know that the Dominica Jazz ‘N Creole Festival is held annually on Pentecost Sunday? Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Séance de musique: Music session
Jazz – le jazz
Caribbean jazz musicians – les musiciens de jazz de la Caraïbe
Dance , Music & Poetry – danse, musique et de poésie
Many local and international artistes – nombreuxartisteslocaux et internationaux
Cultural &artistique exchanges – les échangesculturelsetartistiques
The jazz spirit – L’esprit jazz
Music distribution – diffusion musicale
Jazz festival – festival de jazz
Promoting professional musicians – la promotion des musiciensprofessionnels
Performance artistes – les performances des artistes
Music lovers – Des amateurs de musique

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