FINAL CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – St. Lucia Country Conference

The University of the West Indies (UWI) has a mandate to educate and to share information with the public to promote research as part of its mission to develop and maintain the sustainability of its contributing territories. As one means of carrying out this mandate, the former UWI School of Continuing Studies (now The UWI Open Campus) established a series of multidisciplinary Country Conferences to be held in each of what were previously known as the “UWI-12” (UWI contributing countries outside of Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica).

The conference series and subsequent publications are designed to stimulate and highlight research on each country. Each conference provides an opportunity to share existing research and disseminate information about the hosting country. The year 2016 marks the start of another round of country conferences and The UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia is poised to host its third such conference.

Bearing in mind the similarity of the mandates of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and Monroe College to that of The UWI, it was felt that these two sister institutions would be critical partners in the hosting of the next Saint Lucia Country Conference.

Conference Focus
The overall theme of the conference is: “Collegial Information Sharing for Sustainable Development”. This conference is expected to create an environment for sharing and learning, which is a necessary step towards establishing the links which facilitate the management of indigenous knowledge for our own use, thus providing an avenue by which academic research on Saint Lucia can make a substantial contribution to global discourse.

No limit has been set on the number of sub-themes, since the conference aims to pull together as much recent research done on Saint Lucia as possible. Some expected sub-themes are: Education ,Science and Technology, Arts and Culture, Agriculture and Industry Heritage &Tourism Development, Climate Change and other Environmental Issues Gender, Knowledge Management and Public Health.

Sub-themes will be finalized according to the range of abstracts received. The conference is open to anyone who has conducted research on Saint Lucia in any subject area. Individual presentations are to be of a 20 minute duration followed by a 20 minute moderated discussion after each panel.

Interested presenters are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words, accompanied by a cover page which must include:

(i) Title of the Abstract/Paper in Bold /Centred
(ii) Author’s name
(iii) Name(s) of co – presenters if any
(iv) Author’s contact Information (email and telephone numbers)
(v) Author’s bio-data of no more than 50 words

The abstract should summarise the thesis of the paper as clearly as possible.
For further information, kindly contact:
Dr. Veronica Simon
The University of the West Indies Open Campus Saint Lucia, veronica.simon@open.uwi.edu , Tel: 1(758) 452-3865/6

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