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Commeth The Hour, Enters The Man

About ten years ago when West Indies had tried everything and were at their wit’s end to turn the cricket team around they condescended to select a little country boy from Saint Lucia who had finally made a West Indies Test side. It was discernible that Darren Sammy still carried a heavy accented French inflection in his speech English. It was not long before cricket West Indies discovered he had a good cricketing brain worthy of further investment. The past decade has proven those who bet on Sammy correct. The man is obviously a born leader bearing gifts from a higher place and speaking as a reborn.

Only such a gifted leader would speak his mind and stand up for his team (and the coach/management), as he did when West Indies won the T20 World Cup in India last weekend. Someone needed to say how inept, crass, unprofessional and insecure the West Indies Cricket Board truly is. The story about securing new uniforms for the team seemed unbelievable at first to reasonable persons. For those who may have missed it, Sammy’s interview may prove more beneficial to West Indies cricket than the four consecutive sixes by Carlos Brathwaite to win the final match – and the World Cup.

Efforts by CARICOM leaders will hopefully bear benefit for West Indies cricket. It may well have been Sammy’s last international audience but what a farewell speech. Already, the journalist who referred to Sammy’s team as having no brains (and would not win the T20 World Cup), has offered Sammy and his men an apology. Hopefully, in the fullness of time the WICB will do the same. That victory brought us back to an earlier feeling, when West Indies dominated world cricket. Hopefully, young cricketers will be inspired by the victory of West Indies men and women cricketers. These cricketers (plus the under-nineteen team), have brought much joy to West Indies cricket fans. The correct man had come at the right hour.

–Peter Josie.

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  1. Hear ye!
    Hear ye!
    All blame for the magnificent crescendo of this scintillating VICTORY by Sammy et al must lay on the shoulders of Dr. Anthony and SLP.
    For creating the uplifting ambiance that nurtured Sammy’s Nationalistic endeavors to his current LEADERSHIP ACTUALIZATION.
    As a result of his steady development within the ambiance of the “all -for- one- nation” mantra of the SLP,
    Sammy was able to inspire a soulful Victory -against great odds.
    Like the great Michael Jordan- he motivated his team members to UP their potential towards EXCELSIOR.
    As a result he is reminiscent of the mighty SOBERS-KHANI–GIBBS-HALL, et al TEAM who liberated small islanders to believe that they were TRULY EQUAL world class citizens of this Earthly Cosmic Enterprise.
    Thanks again Sammy, for reminding us that we are an EQUAL-and VIABLE (body & Soul) member of the nations on this planet.

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