Happy New Year

By Mary Juliana Brice
By Mary Juliana Brice

Happy New Year to you all! May everyone somehow or at some time have a happy, joyful and glorious year filled with love for one another.

Have you spent a bit of your time to anticipate what you would like to change this year, in an effort to make your life more humble and easy? If not, do give yourself a bit of time to meditate on this. If you open your heart and mind to what you recognise has been ordained by God for your life’s journey, 2016 will be an awesome year for you, filled with God’s love.
Have we looked around at our country, our neighbourhood, our friends and family?

Everyone needs some attention on different occasions, and so we should try not to neglect anyone whom we see is in need of something. If you are unable to attend to any particular situation, please pass it on to someone whom you know will take proper care of it, as our life’s journey is all about the giving of a service to others.

This is a new year, so what are we doing in terms of new ideas? Are we still hanging on to the ideas we had in 2015, and we are not trying to improve on it in this year? Nothing lasts forever, and absolutely nothing remains the same. So in taking this into consideration, we will have the ability to improve whatsoever we have started, giving joy to those who have already been enjoying our ideas and works.

In some cases, people are depressed as they move into a new year, because they have been encountering pressure, difficulties, and have been hurt by others. Sometimes it is hard for persons to forgive others, and so the anger and unforgiveness destroys our blood pressure and body. When someone hurts us, it changes the way we see the person, others and ourselves, and so we cease to love one another.

Let us all during this year, try not to remain angry with anyone, and not to try to return the hurt to anyone. Forgiveness is the key to release all these issues, and if we forgive everyone who does us something, there will be joy and freedom in our life’s journey.

Let us try very hard to see God’s commitment for us, so that our faith can be increased, and we can fully serve and appreciate all that we are doing for ourselves and others.

Do have an observant and wonderful year in 2016.

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