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Scandalous Behaviour

Image: Newly-elected UWP Chairman, Guy Mayers. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

I am forced to question the honesty and integrity of the Prime Minister after hearing an item on one of the stations quoting him as holding Guy Mayers responsible for IMPACS.

Has the Prime Minister totally lost it? Was it not Dr. Anthony and his government that ordered the IMPACS investigation? How then can he hold Mayers responsible? Even if Mayers had ordered the Police to shoot and kill the 12 persons shot by Police—which he did not– he could not be held responsible for IMPACS.

IMPACS was the Prime Minister’s baby and he must accept the full responsibility for the chaos which both himself and the report has caused.

This claim by the Prime Minister is part of his party’s policy of refusing to accept responsibility and to be accountable. I find the Prime Minister’s behaviour scandalous.

–Saul Rosemond

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    The individuals who follow Allen Chastanet and his backer, continue to display a kind of cognitive dissonance that requires the individuals trying to make sense of these insane minions to rub their eyes to be sure our sight is normal.

    Kenny Antony said in a nutshell, that it was the now defunct Government of the United Workers Party, under the leadership of Stephenson King and the businessman Chastanet that should take responsibility for the Extra Judicial murders and the subsequent expulsion of St. Lucia from the United States’ Benevolence. What is so difficult about this statement, causing such discombobulation in Saul soowee Rosemand’s letter to the Editor??

    I cannot believe that there are so many drunkards on this 238 miles squared piece of Earth – anyway, this is the God’s Birthday season.

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