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Acting Police Chief Advises Young Women.

Errol Alexander
Errol Alexander

IT is the revolution of the century and has brought to the world a common medium for thoughts, words and expression. Now Police Commissioner (Ag), Errol Alexander is calling on women, particularly young women, who are addicted to this revolution called social media, to manage it properly by being aware of the risks and vulnerabilities that they can expose themselves to via this platform.

“Young people have to be careful of the type of information about themselves they put on social media,” Alexander said, noting that too many young people, particularly females, carelessly past information about their day to day activities on social media, that should be private.

Alexander at the time was speaking to this newspaper about the dangers of social media noting that while it is a fun and creative way for young people to interact with one other, it also attracts the criminals in society who prey on information gleaned about people on these platforms that could lead to disaster, in one form or another.

His comments were part of an interview with this newspaper earlier this week about the police fight against rising cases of sexual crime in the country which was compounded by last Monday’s gang rape of two teenage girls at Reduit Orchard, Gros Islet.

Now the Press Office of the Force has weighted in on the ongoing debate about the safety and protection of women in the country calling on women not to allow alcohol or other drugs lessen or interfere with their ability to take care of themselves and make sensible decisions.

“Do not accept beverages from someone you don’t know and trust and even it is from someone you know, always watch your drink and never leave it unattended at any time,” the Press Office warned.

Other tips: “Follow your instincts. If a place or the way your date acts makes you nervous or uneasy, get out. If you need to call a friend to escort you home, don’t hesitate to do so. Do a background check on a first date or a blind date with friends or family. Meet in or go to public places. Don’t leave a social event with someone you have just met or don’t know well. Ensure you have enough cash to call a taxi or better yet, if you own one, take your own car,” the Press Office advised.

“Make use of technology, send details about your date or details about their vehicle to a friend via your smartphone. Sending a picture of your date or their vehicle would really assist with investigations if you do become a victim of rape,” the Press Office noted.

Other safety tips by the Press Office to women include ensuring that their entry doors are closed and locked when they are at home, and that when responding to a knock or call at their doors that they ensure that the individual doing the knocking or calling is known to them before they open.

Also that their entry doors be fitted with devices which can allow them to see the outside without opening the door.

The Press Office even called on women to enrol in self-defence classes.

“The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force will do all in its power to investigate and bring to justice these perpetrators of rape,” the Police Press Relations Office said.

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