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A Crisis Of Confidence

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

FEW things are more demeaning to a person of honour and good character than the telling of a lie – even a little ‘white’ one. Few character defects are more hateful, even to the common man, than a lie. The reason is simple. A lie covers up something more sinister – a petty thief, a rapist, a potential trouble maker, a murderer even. When the human mind turns to persistent lying, half-truths and distortions, one may be confronted with a dangerous pathological liar – a psychopath, even. When his words bear no relation to reality the pathological liar is likely to inflict deep wounds on the psychic of others. His lies often seem completely lost on him. A pathological liar would say anything, tarnish anyone and disrupt an otherwise peaceful environment in order for his dysfunctional mind to convince the unsuspecting – the unwary – that he is genuine.

Such a person is a danger to society, perhaps more so if he or she happens to be in politics and/or in public life. No country, no matter how large or small needs such a ‘sick’ liar or dissembler in its parliament or in its executive. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of a pathological liar is not unknown in little Saint Lucia. But its historical antecedents pale before this real danger which now threatens the national security of this rock of Creole sages otherwise misnamed the Helen of the West.

It’s now past eight months since the Prime Minister announced that a report which investigated certain killings by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), was presented to his government. He promised to pass it on to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), for action. He may have prejudiced the DPP’s decision by pointing a finger at certain members of the RSLPF. As such the spotlight had been inadvertently turned onto the RSLPF whilst avoiding the government(s), under whose watch the ‘killings’ were supposedly carried out.

When the Prime Minister first broke the news he had also fingered former Prime Minister King under whose watch some young men had met their deaths. Nowadays there is hardly any mention of King or any other politician. It seems that the old political maxim that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is being played here even as widows, moms, civil rights lawyers and the public demand answers to the IMPACS report, by which the investigation came to be known.

Rick Wayne of the Star newspaper in a lengthy report in last weekend’s Star explained why the U.S Leahy law and the U.S Foreign Assistance Act were both designed as tools to keep in line ‘governments that engage in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.’ Based on these facts shouldn’t IMPACS have focused on the ways in which improper conduct by successive governments of Saint Lucia may have eventuated in the deaths of these young men? Why focus on the police and allow those who pass laws, pay and equip the police, go unscathed? Where does the buck stop?

Be that as it may, Prime Minister Anthony has studiously avoided any further mention or implication of a former government in any ‘illegal’ killings as suggested by IMPACS. His focus, contrary to the U.S. Leahy Law seems to be on the RSLPF. To further complicate matters, a certain character has let it be known that the PM’s life may be in danger from a wicked cabal of police, business and political vagabonds plotting the man’s demise.

As if to add salt to the wound, there is an alleged criminal activity of con-artists who have deprived innocent students from India and Nepal of scarce resources by promising quality education in Saint Lucia. These complaints are being investigated by the RSLPF, but certain high ranking government officials and functionaries have allegedly objected to the work of the police. Why? Is the government beyond investigation? Suddenly it appears that the RSLPF is uncovering a colossal dragnet of lies, half-truths, fabrications and cover-ups in the whole sordid mess. Is money laundering a side issue, in this mess? Hopefully, the public will begin to connect the dots linking the conduct, words and the actions of their high ranking officials to these disgraceful developments. By the way are reported threats on the PM’s life merely to garner sympathy and further hoodwink the public?

To make matters worse there has been no follow-up action by the DPP’s office on IMPACS, as far as one knows. This apparent lack has left the citizens of this island dumfounded. A threat to the ‘dear’ Prime Minister and others about him may well be taxing the overburdened RSLPF and the office of DPP. Poor things! Let me make it pellucid clear. I do not want the PM or any senator (I almost said ‘sin-actors’) killed or assassinated. Revenge belongs to God! Every good Christian knows that. And God will use the electorate of Saint Lucia to exact His revenge – so live, and witness God’s unerring justice.

In this growing mishmash of lies, half-truths and cover-ups, crimes such as the murder of young Gobat and several others less well-known, remain languishing in investigation. Recall dear reader that certain British policemen here were hounded out of office by certain members of the RSLPF whose leaders were motivated by politics. Why do the politicians who asked (and received) help from England and Trinidad not wish to pursue the same course today? Are there politicians and other ‘respectable worthies,’ who benefit from Saint Lucia’s criminal enterprise?

The latest and most damning development in this crisis of confidence is that both the former Minister for Security and Internal Affairs, Mr. Guy Mayers and the Police Social Welfare Association (PWA), came out openly against the slant taken by the government with respect to the IMPACS report. Mr.Mayers has categorically denied that there was any ‘hit list’ or that specific persons were targeted for execution in his time, in government. Mr.Camron Laure, head of the PWA was equally damning in his condemnation of those who would give the RSLPF a bad name. Every self-respecting Police and National Security Service in the world has a list of dangerous criminals it must keep tabs on. The USA regularly upgrades its list of most wanted criminals, and makes new additions public. Why therefore should anyone refer to a list of suspected dangerous criminals in Saint Lucia as a ‘hit list?’ Isn’t that the language of drug warlords, and dangerous criminals?

In any event, shouldn’t such allegations be a matter for quiet investigation between the government and the country’s security forces, including regional security. I pray that the electorate soon discovers that lies, half-truths and innuendoes are not the métier of politics or lawyers. Instead, they are the mark of a defective character and may be found in any trade or profession regardless of race or religion. Had the Prime Minister been as economical with the island’s resources as he has with the truth, much progress could have been made and this crisis of confidence would have been avoided. But don’t kill him! Leave him to the electorate and witness the fall of one which the gods shall first make paranoid, before the final fall. Mark well my words.


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    We know now that this continuous cycle of Hail Marys & Quarterback Sneak strategies are but DIVERSIONARY tactics to camo your impotent meister.
    At least the Mexicans gave us REFRIED bean recipes that garnish many southwestern (US) sirloin dishes.
    On the other hand your acrid regurgitation is nothing more than pungent- melodramatic “paytay” during communion at High Mass in the Minor Basilica, n’est pas?
    You’ve certainly earned the title: “Blow-hard Paytay”

  2. I have taken the liberty of abridging a song that suits your prolific political timeline:
    ” Peetar Judas Josie was born in a cross-fire hurricane

    And he howled at his ma in the driving rain
    But it’s all right now, in fact, it’s a “paytay”
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Yeah, yeah, yeah
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  3. Pete, ole boy; what good is a song’s lyrics without its fiery melody:
    Do dust off that afro wig
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  4. By the by, Peetar,
    This is the second time in some months that a prestigious posting on your original mentor (Mr. Odlum) is published in this authentic national media.
    Yet you are as silent as Choc Cemetery Marble: WHAT GIVES!
    Guilt! Shame! Afraid of Monsieur Odlum’s family barber shop mirrors and “razors” 🙂
    “Mirror Mirror on the wall who has sold out the masses, the proletariat, his soul for cups of shillings and crowns?”
    “It is you, Peetar Judas Josie, the scheming, conniving decepticon, oui!”

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