New Traffic Control Measures For Bexon Highway

Part Of Road Declared A School Zone.


IN an attempt to improve the safety of both motorists and pedestrians who use the Bexon Highway, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport has installed a number of traffic control measures along a section of this road.

Considering that the physical location of the Bexon Primary and Infant Schools are on opposite sides of the roadway, that section of road has been declared a school zone. Consequently, signs speaking to this designation have been erected, while two speed bumps, two lay by’s and the accompanying signs are being erected. The Ministry of Infrastructure will monitor the effectiveness of these traffic control devices.


The Ministry also wishes to remind motorists and pedestrians that while those control measures are intended to improve road safety, the public can contribute further to road safety. Personal responsibility has been shown to be the one of the greatest tools in improving road safety, and therefore, the Ministry is reminding all road users to take personal responsibility to ensure that all road users are safe.


The Ministry calls on all road users to continue to obey the road signs, drive within the designated speed limits and exercise great care and caution along the roads.

All this comes in the wake of mounting public concerns about safety along the road where a number of people, including children have been killed in traffic accidents in recent times.


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