Irony of Ironies!

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

I was really hoping that I would not have to write about calypso again but be writing some calypsos instead. That was not to be, even after skipping town for a week, riding the UWP ship to Joppa, the whale of a mishap would land me right back on START’s Nineveh shores.

Many have called for an end to START after a dismal calypso season. If we should recall START’s litany of sins, for starters, in the name of the salvation of the calypso season, they hijacked the semi-finals, curtailing the remuneration of calypsonians. In as much as they tried to mask it, that was a hand-me-down decision that was not in favour of calypsonians.

To arrive at this end they breached their contract with the artistes. Those who have been reading the Independent Eye will recall my referencing section 2 subsection 8 of the artistes contract that stipulated that the performer “shall perform at a minimum of three (3) showings of START in order to qualify for entry into the quarterfinals”. Of the many, not fulfilling that requirement was the Invader. But then again, low and behold, if we are to believe Bingo, he never signed a contract.

When it was convenient for them, START quoted the breached contract they had with calypsonians . Section 3, subsection 4 states, START “shall pay the performer by cheque within seven (7) working days but not more that fourteen (14) working days after the final performance of the contract period.” The final performance that they planned for July 31 never happened.

In an earlier article I alluded to the discontent among calypsonians, some of who have not been paid since last year and others, I am now understanding have years in back-pay to collect. I did speak of a litany of sins, such as not punishing artistes who were in contravention of section 2 subsection 4 that states that “the performer shall be present at all performances at most one (1) hour prior to commencement, provided that START reserves the right to impose an appropriate sanction on any performer who fails to comply with this section. Sanction may include, but is not limited to cancellation of the affected performance.” Paper may not allow the listing the litany, suffice it to say that this contract is not worth the paper it is written on. Surprisingly or not, the one person for whom the rules were bent is the thorn in START’s wounded flesh.

I believe in forgiveness. After all Nineveh did repent. Sometimes though, I wonder if START in itself is a permanent transgression.

ART is threatening to take START to court. Well, it looks like the sleeping giant has finally awakened.

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