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Let Us Tell Our Story

By Abetta Country

Dale Elliott
Dale Elliott

PICKING up the video camera to tell the story through the lens, sounds, characters and pictures is no easy feat. Yet, it is possible and expectations can be exceeded if one is able to bring to bear the required knowledge /research, skill, creativity, and forethought to tell the story through this medium.

After a prolonged period of observation of the work of documentary producer Dale Elliott and his team, it is time to dispense some kudos for bringing to the local audience and region a very refined production aptly named “Untold Stories” because stories are inspired from real life events.

The documentary form is much needed in Saint Lucia where a strong audio–visual library is sorely lacking and the aural storytelling culture has almost met its demise. This is an art-form that many practitioners shun because it in fact and opinion too much work, may be too adventurous and often times downright risky to disturb the ghosts of the past or awaken sleeping dogs, as the case may be.

Notwithstanding, this type of programming is needed to nourish the collective social consciousness of Saint Lucia, in a society that needs an in–depth level of enlightenment about how this country has stayed the course, stayed the same or has evolved for the better or for the worst. Moreover the public is slowly but surely losing sight of its history– where we have been, where we are, where we are going and what has happened to us as a people along the way to shape the mindset and attitudes of the Lucian individual today.

Sadly, we live in a society which has engendered a culture where persons are either ashamed or afraid to tell their stories. “Untold Stories” flies in the face of this prevailing culture and justly so, in a world where inspirational speakers such as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols and many others are travelling all over the globe inspiring others with their personal stories of highs, lows, personal pain, self-discovery and openly sharing every aspect of their human experiences to international audiences. Their stories transform lives and peel away the layers or the masks and padding of so–called image that many of us front daily to touch us at the very core of our humanity. This is the level at which positive change occurs.

Viewing the latest instalment of Untold Stories – “5 funerals and a wedding”, one cannot but admire the protagonists of this story. They were courageous and real enough to share a powerful message about the tests, resilience and strength of the human spirit. May the rest of us continue to be inspired, change and learn from the stories captured by Mr. Dale Elliott and his team.

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