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What Have We Done?

Image of Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof

ON Wednesday June 17, 2015, as is their custom, parishioners at the famed African-American, Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina gather at 6:00 p.m. for Bible study. About two hours later a young white male walks in and sits at the back of the room. Parishioners invite him to join them. But unknown to them the visitor has a more sinister and deadly purpose in mind. He has come to kill them; not to sit and pray with them. About an hour later, after uttering a racial epithet, he pulls out a semi-automatic pistol and, walking up to each of his victims, he shoots them at point-blank range. Eight parishioners die on the spot; one later at a hospital nearby.

The events at the Emanuel AME Church brought to the fore another event which took place on New Year’s Eve in 2000 at another church thousands of miles away when Kim John and Francis Philip entered the Minor Basilica in Castries armed with flaming torches, machetes and sticks. With the same deliberateness of Dylann Roof, they attacked and killed Fr. Charles Gaillard and Sr. Theresa Egan and maimed and burned about a dozen others. Beyond the fact that both incidents happened in churches, in both cases the attackers were driven by one common ingredient: PURE, UNADULTERATED HATRED!

Roof’s despicable, heinous act evoked anger, sadness and confusion and a welter of questions, including that which provides the title for this commentary: just what have African-Americans done or are doing to evoke such unmitigated scorn and venomous hatred from generation after generation of non-African-Americans, particularly white Americans?

The late, great Nelson Mandela believed “no one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin.” Dylann Roof was not born with such hatred in his DNA. He nurtured it. He had at least one black friend with whom he spent a lot of free time, but not even that friend was aware of the deep-seated loathing Roof had espoused for black Americans in his manifesto and on his website and his admiration for the supremacist policies and actions of Nazi-era Germany.

Sylvia Townsend Warner writing in her diary in 1954 saw a relationship between hatred and stupidity. The stupid she thought, have “ so much more time and energy to expend on hating. They build it up like coral insects.” Dylann Roof was stupid enough to buy into the ideology of the nearly 800-white supremacist groups that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) says are active all across of USA. In South Carolina alone, there are 19 such groups, including the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the League of the South, that feed at the table of hatred of black people, Latinos, and others deemed inferior to them.

Roof’s act is but the latest manifestation of the same ideology that gave birth to slavery and fanned the winds of rampant racial segregation in the USA up to the late 1960s, and up to the late 1980s in South Africa and Rhodesia. The current evidence supports the view that the US Civil War and World War 2 were mere exclamation points in the sick, silly narrative of supremacists. Their battle has not stopped and cannot stop because of the self-fulfilling and regenerative nature of supremacist thinking. As we have seen, there are many in positions of influence and authority across the US, including in Government, and in the law and justice system who act out the supremacist beliefs of Dylann Roof and the KKK, albeit in more sophisticated ways, but with no less telling effect.

What have African-Americans done to deserve such hatred? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But the hordes of open and closet-supremacists who have convinced themselves that African-Americans are “taking over their country” and who want to “take their country back” don’t care about that. They don’t care that the vast majority of the 45 million African-Americans in the US today are descendants of 11 million slaves who were uprooted from their homeland, from their families and their cultures and brought to the US against their will. They are outraged by any suggestion that the US would not be the superpower it is today, were it not for the sweat and toil of black slaves.

Nearly three centuries after slavery was abolished, the life of the negro race continues to be beset by injustice and oppression and hardship. Legally, he’s been declared equal to the likes of Dylann Roof, but as far as Roof is concerned he did not write that law; and by his thoughts and actions he has decided to challenge it. African-Americans have been lynched by the callous hands of bigotry and “kicked about by the brutal feet of humiliation.” They’ve endured unceasing pain. They’ve been arrested, convicted and imprisoned for the slightest infraction. They’ve survived the police dogs, fire hoses and truncheons of Bull Connors. Their homes and churches have been fire-bombed. Their bright and exemplary leaders – Medgar Evers, Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr., Randolph King, Roy Wilkins, Malcolm X – have been murdered. They have been demonized and stigmatized as being lazy and lacking in ambition. Now, they are being denied the right to vote by all kinds of weapons such as literacy tests, physical violence and economic intimidation.

How have African-Americans reacted to being the victims of such unrelenting violence?

With amazing grace, dignity, and with a determination to excel despite the hardships. African-Americans continue to make their mark in nearly every field of endeavour – science, politics, government, commerce, music, sport, research and development, academia and the military. Even as blacks fought in the Second World War, they found they were getting a raw deal. They found that Nazi prisoners-of-war were enjoying facilities such as railway restaurants and dining cars that they were forbidden to enter. They were given poor training and poor equipment and sent to the least promising parts of the battlefield. Even as they fought on the battlefields, their families who worked in factories that produced military equipment for their use, faced racial segregation. Yet despite this they excelled and performed heroically.

A people can only take much, and African-Americans have taken far more than most. Most historians now agree that at least 12 million slaves were forcibly removed from the African continent between the 15th and 19th century. Of that number 10 to 20% died on board ships. The death toll from 4 centuries of the Atlantic Slave trade is estimated at a staggering 10 million people. By contrast 6 million Jews are estimated to have died in the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945. The persecution of the Jews declined significantly after the Second World War. But there seems to be no end in sight to the persecution of African-Americans. Of the 6,222 reported hate crimes recorded by the FBI in 2013, 46.9 percent were racially-motivated.

As the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King noted in a letter written in December 1955, “…there comes a time when a people get tired. We say to those who have mistreated us so long that we are tired of being segregated and humiliated… we have no alternative but to protest. For many years we have shown amazing patience. We have sometimes given our white brother the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated.”

Could that be it? Could it be that by their silence African-Americans are encouraging their oppressors to continue their oppression?

Martin Luther King decided that non-violent protest was the way to go. This strategy brought unprecedented benefits, including through the historic 1963 Civil Rights Bill. That Bill gave new powers to the US Attorney-General to intervene to protect citizens rights; it outlawed segregation in public places and in most places of public accommodation such as hotels and motels; it forbade racial segregation in Federal undertakings; it authorized the Office of Education to help peaceful school desegregation with advice and money; it extended the life of the Civil Rights Commission and created an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

But it was not enough to stop the rise of the KKK in Mississippi. In fact, its passage in 1964 was due only to the outrage sparked by a KKK-orchestrated campaign of bombing of dozens of black churches and the murder of three young civil rights volunteers. No one was ever convicted for these murders.

Amidst all the progress that African-Americans have achieved since the abolition of slavery, it seems like little has changed. Yes, Americans twice elected as their President, a man of mixed race; yes there are many black mayors and governors across America; yes there are more inter-racial marriages than before. Yet racial discrimination is as rampant and pernicious as ever. African-Americans are more likely to be arrested and jailed for longer periods for the same crimes, as white Americans. The income gap between the two groups is getting bigger. African-Americans live in the worse areas. Perhaps, it was facts such as these that prompted Thurgood Marshall, the first black Justice of the US Supreme Court to speak the following words in a commencement address at Howard University in 1978::

“Be careful of the people who say, “You’ve got it made. Take it easy. You don’t need any more help” Today, we have reached the point where people say “You’ve come a long way.” But so have other people come a long way. Has the gap been getting smaller? No. It’s getting bigger. People say we’re better off today. Better off than what?…Don’t listen to that myth that inequality can be solved or that it has already been solved…or that it has already been solved. Take it from me. it has not been solved.”

Marshall’s comments could well be applied to the scourge of racial discrimination and race-based hatred in the United States of America. It has not been solved. It will never be.

By The Virginian



    Calling yourself Virginian is not exactly what I think you want to call yourself, and I will say more about this later. “I hear you !” and can empathize with your feelings of despair. You and many others act as if you are Van Winkle, and awoke from your four-hundred year slumber.

    Caucasians see you Blacks as inferior, bad, and less than human; that is why they come to visit you “Natives” in your natural setting – think safari. Negroes kneel and worship a Naked Caucasian as God Almighty; eat his flesh and drink his blood to be made whole, while bleaching their skin and chemically processing their hair to look Caucasian.

    Most Negroes still call Caucasians “White People” because of the fear they possess subconsciously of the Caucasian; when you call Caucasians White you are saying this to them: You are, clean, not dirty; uncluttered, bright, cleansed, clear, delicate, dirtless, elegant, faultless, flawless, fresh, graceful,
    hygienic, immaculate, laundered, neat, orderly, pure, sanitary, shining, snowy, sparkling, speckless, spic and span,spotless, stainless, tidy, trim, unblemished, unpolluted, unsoiled, unstained, unsullied, untarnished, washed, well-kept…. Need I CONTINUE ?

    O.K. The State of Virginia is named after Elizabeth I, one of the filthiest and Evil woman to have ever lived, and responsible for murdering millions of Africans. She was raped and sodomized by some of he family members a very young age and became misandrist; a hater of male. She practiced other deviant sexual acts but would never marry, earning her the title of “The Virgin Queen” . The first Slave Colonies were formed in Jamestown, Virginia, and the state named to honor her enslavement of Africans, with her pirates like Francis Drake, and John Hawkins.

    See, that’s what mis-education does to Black people – Negroes calling themselves Johnson, and William, and McIntire – I have to run.




  2. Thanks son-of-man.

    “The Virginian” is inspired not by a place but by a character – a non-nonsense, tough ranch foreman in a 1960s T.V series.

    As for your Caucasian vs white spiel, all I can say is that the commentary makes clear that white does not mean “clean, uncluttered, bright, cleansed, clear, delicate etc. etc.”

    You prefer Caucasian, I prefer to say white!

  3. Dr. Anderson answers your question, “What have we done to be hated by Caucasians”. Now if you think that calling Caucasians white does not matter, try referring to one as Caucasian while in conversation with him, either in the second person singular or the third person plural, as in: “You as a Caucasian should stop making God in your image” or “these Caucasians are a sick people.” If you have the courage and manhood to try it you will better understand what I am talking about, but knowing how emasculated our Black men are I don’t expect to hear from you soon. Truth is the Caucasian has subliminally taught you that he is God.

    Ephesians 6

    4. Fathers,b do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
    5. Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.
    6. Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart.
    7. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people,
    8. because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.

    Truth of How Slavery Started The Black Slave Trade and Racism Dr. Claud Anderson:




  4. Virginian/
    Even your own allusion to “tough-no-nonsense-ranch OVERSEER, does not buy enough distance from the stench degradation and evil, ad infinitum, established by Hawkins Drake et al ; in their bid to create riches for their majesty (she was absolutely jealous of the precious metals flowing into the coffers of Ferdinand & Isabella- her contemporary Iberian royal peers. Not forgetting the ALOOFNESS that more northerly Europeans have over their more southern neighbors).
    The OVERSEERS on slave plantations -as extensions of their MASTERS enforcement policies were far worse than your proverbial “SCUM OF THE EARTH”. Note that every evil done to slaves was carried out (orders of Masters -Queens -Kings) by these vile puss of lowlife mammal
    The ranch boss Virginian that you alluded to is a derivative of that tradition -except the underlings being bossed around were paid for their misery.
    The colors are non scientific social division terms used to perpetuate inferiority/superiority complexes, moreover its inherent SOCIO_ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES!!!
    Virgin Queen!#* She was mostly CANINE Queen. Think Doberman (bite the hand that feeds you) when in fact she jailed her famous sea captain-boyfriend in the tower of London, where beheading by axe is the typical end of term for most of the Tower’s political prisoners.
    Note how the canine queen WHITE washed the PIRACY of Hawkins and Drake- They were given ROYAL STATUS documents as PRIVATEERS. Now thats WhiteWash par excellence.
    Do the research and realize how deep that Conniving *aunt flowed.
    Finally, why be proud of the CANCER STICK producer state.
    You gotta be a fool to love Virginia’s historical heritage.

    1. Sam:

      How long will it take, for you and other Christians who pray and worship the naked image of a Caucasian, the so-called white man, as their Loving God and Savior to face the reality that Caucasians will NEVER respect and love you while you demonstrate to the world such disrespect for your own human dignity by worshiping another human being, a naked man nailed to a lamp-post, as your God.

      What do you imagine when Caucasians witness Negroes on their knees, begging his naked Image for favors everyday and every Sunday ? You Black Christian men are a disgraceful bunch of lowlife, self-hating, excuses for humans. Do you imagine Caucasians would ever, EVER, teach or tolerate their wives and daughters taking the oral-sex/kneeling position in front of a Black African Stephenson King, or a Richard Frederick nailed to a crossed post? if you believe this would ever happen you can wait “until Hell freezes over”.

      Let me say Hell does freezes; Allah tells us, it is a place of extremes; extreme cold and heat, but you know Caucasians would never do such a thing to their families, only Negroes like Rick John Wayne, Jeff Fedee, Peter Josie, and these worthless self-hating, insane and shameless Negroes can stand and watch their wives kissing a naked “white” man dripping blood into their mouths, and defend such behavior as dignified.

      The insane Samboes like a Rick John Wayne who thought Carasco was too black so he changed his name to John Wayne, while he goes around telling people he is a ROMAN ? yet you wonder and wander spaced-out why Caucasians have no respect for Black Africans ?

      Just stand on Micoud Street looking into this ‘house of wax’ filled with dead people on her walls and a congregation of dead Negroes following Lucifer dressed in Demonic Costumes drinking blood, then ask yourself why does Clovis and Patrick have to wear such demonic costumes ? do these demonic attire give them power with the Creator of Space, and Gravity to practice pedophilia, while being afraid of the adult female anatomy ?

      Until this Evil Practice of praying to dead Caucasians is abolished and ALL images and statues are removed from the places of worship, Caucasians will perceive Blacks as inferior and Satanic, while they perceive themselves as superior, known as the ‘God Complex’. These evil White Supremacist will continue to murder your children with impunity while you insane Negroes say, “God forgive them, for they know not what they do” – is you Negroes retarded or what ?

  5. Surah Al-Waqia
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  7. On this date in 1822, white South Carolinians hanged the most terrifying slave insurrectionary who never rose — and breathed a sigh of relief as they clamped the shackles ever tighter upon their groaning servile class.

    Demark Vesey, a self-educated black who planned the most extensive slave revolt in U.S. history.

    Sold as a boy in 1781 to a Bermuda slaver captain named Joseph Vesey, young Denmark, who assumed his master’s surname,accompanied him on numerous voyages and in 1783 settled with his owner in Charleston.

    In 1800 Denmark was allowed to purchase his freedom with $600 he had won in a street lottery. He was already familiar with the great Haitian slave revolt of the 1790s, and while working as a carpenter he read anti-slavery literature. Dissatisfied with his second-class status as a freedman and determined to help relieve the far more oppressive conditions of bondsmen he knew, Vesey planned and organized an uprising of city and plantation blacks. The plan reportedly called for the rebels to attack guardhouses and arsenals, seize their arms, kill all whites, burn and destroy the city, and free the slaves. As many as 9,000 blacks may have been involved, though some vesey-insurrectionscholars dispute this figure.

    Warned by a house servant( I think his name was Peter Josie, Rick John Wayne, or Jeff Fedee ) , white authorities on the eve of the scheduled outbreak made massive military preparations, which forestalled the insurrection. During the ensuing two months, some 130 blacks were arrested. In the trials that followed, 67 were convicted of trying to raise an insurrection; of these, 35, including Vesey, were hanged, and 32 were condemned to exile. In addition, four white men were fined and imprisoned for encouraging the plot.

    Read More At http://www.britannica.com/biography/Denmark-Vesey

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