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Not A Word!

If one were to describe Kenny Anthony as a loquacious fellow, such a description would certainly be an accurate characterization, as it would with many others in politics and law? Yet, it is remarkable how a person, who speaks so much, says so little. Indeed, ‘secretive’ may also aptly describe the man. As is his custom, he appeared on the Castries Market Steps to offer his supporters a slight taste of his proposed budget and to lie to them (again) that, better days, although they are a little stuck in the bottleneck, were coming.

Of course he also tried to explain the ‘immediate expenditure’ of one hundred million dollars, as soon as he won the last elections. He even tried to take Allen Chastanet’s tourism portfolio from him, claiming that jobs are on the way, in tourism. Mind you, this is the same man who hates white people and foreigners, (especially those who cannot speak Kweyol).

In that long speech to the Market Steps faithful last week not a word, not a word, not a word on Grynberg, or on IMPACS, or on the 5% cut in salaries of civil servant and yes, not on Lambirds, the latest scandal. No ‘thank yous’ to Mary Isaac and those who stood with her, and no explanation that his government had extracted so much money from excessively high fuel prices with his three months pass-through mechanism that, he no longer needs to deduct 5% from civil servants salaries.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but…the people are waiting to exhale whenever the election bell rings.

– Peter Josie.


  1. Pea-ta
    Here is one analogy even you might find entertaining: Daffy Duck versus Bugs Bunny. Do you wanna guess which cartoon role is permanently assigned to you?
    Hint : Daffy
    Your Nemesis, as in the Rabbit got the gun; has many hats to wear. As minister of finance , his speech should never focus on any of the musings you drool puss over. Have you ever attended a budget or fiscal policy meeting for a corporation listed on any of the trading exchanges. The entire conversation swirls around Revenue and expenses.
    I am really disappointed that your “torch” party resembles a crash and burn fiasco rather than an opposition with an authentic revitalization agenda for the Saint Lucia -where our umbilical cords are buried.
    You guys resort to regurgitation of expected shortcomings that fall well within the bell curve normal expectations.
    Come on , already.
    Pea-ta you cannot turn bronze into gold . Your Alchemy is as dated as the first Arawaks paddling up the Orinoco to begin their islands of the archipelago excursions.

  2. Mac:
    “…….you see it still….that Dagger before you, the handle towards your hand, you have clutched it……your stabbing act caused the innocent blood to flow that no Perfume of Arabia can wash the smell away.
    On this present stage on which the Stooges trots and frets their hour upon, their time will surely pass and their deceptive noise thereof will soon be forgotten. With hope, a new day will dawn for Lucianna, and we will dance again, perchance to sing again, and learn to love again, otherwise…….leave it to the Clowns cum Stooges to pick up the pieces.

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