The Pursuit Of Truth Accuracy And Objectivity

The Voice has been there to cover every major development occuring in St. Lucia over the last 130 years.
The Voice has been there to cover every major development occuring in St. Lucia over the last 130 years.

THE VOICE does not blow its own trumpet. It has never endorsed or promoted a performance slogan. Its position in the media landscape of St Lucia is determined by the support it has received from its readers and advertisers throughout the years that has kept it rooted at the top of the pile among newspapers published on the island.

It is a reputation that the paper is determined to preserve for many more years, one that is also predicated on paper’s reliability as a source of accurate information and its strong editorial opinions on matters affecting the country that are untainted by any personal or sectoral interest.

As the national newspaper of St Lucia, THE VOICE offers critical support to the government of the day. For this reason we will never support the violent overthrow of any government in St Lucia or any attempt by anyone or group to create unnecessary turmoil or destruction to persons, property or the institutions of our country that are vital to the rule of rule and maintenance of peace and order.

The VOICE remains conscious of its role as a forum for the dissemination of information and ideas. It recognizes the need to adopt a position of leadership in the discussion of issues of national importance and in moulding public opinion whenever this is deemed necessary.

We subscribe to the view that the main intention of collecting and disseminating news and opinion is to serve the general welfare of people and country and thus facilitating them in making informed judgments and decisions on the various issues that crop up in the society from time to time.

THE VOICE maintains high ethical standards and professionalism in the way it treats and publishes its news content and demands the same from its journalists. We make clear distinctions in our columns as to what is news and what is opinion and will not pass one for the other.

Our journalists are encouraged to strive for truth, accuracy and objectivity in their pursuit of the news, to practice fair play, balance and good taste in developing editorial content and to show respect for the rights of those who they may come into contact with in the course of their work.

On this our 130th.anniversary, we recommit ourselves to these principles and policies that have guided us thus far and which have helped in ensuring our longevity and success.

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