Micoud Football Finals Tonight

THE stage is set and a jam – packed crowd is expected for this evening’s finals in the Micoud Youth and Sports Council / sponsored ‘GloSho’ Knockout Tournament between Limelight Atlantic FC and Dynamic Fresh Ones (DFO) scheduled from 6:00 p.m. at the Aduka Recreational Grounds (ARG) in Micoud.

Both teams secured their places in the final via the penalty route. According to the organizers, there is no distinction between the two and the final is expected to be an evenly contested one.

Leading the charge for DFO is the national under – 17 team captain RyiMaryatt, while Atlantic FC will rely on their sole scorer of the tournament so far, Rommel Hippolyte.

The two teams rightfully believe that they can win it all and both managers have extreme confidence in their team’s ability. Alain Providence has repeatedly described his Limelight Atlantic as FC as “the team where losing is no option”; while the manager of DFO Winel Johnson has explained that he doesn’t feel threatened by the confidence of his rival.

By all indications the tension is high and the stakes even higher in this final and there is no doubt that it will be a wonderful spectacle under the flood lights of the ARG.

Meanwhile, the Council says it is are pleased to have gained the financial support from Tropical Solar for such an exciting close to yet another fulfilling and active year in the community of Micoud under the presidency of Nadege Jn. Baptiste.

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