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Why Should We Back?

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By Carlton Ishmael

OUTSIDE the usual world and island concerns that relate to our daily living, the next big concern is which political party should be in charge of this country come election day. Although distant, meaning that we have two years before the bell rings, it is important to monitor both major political parties so as not to make a wrong choice when voting for a new government especially based on what you hear or believe.

I have heard both parties in the past with their proclamation about the need to find or create Jobs for our people and both have realized that that is a herculean task. Job creation is easier said than achieved, because getting jobs depends heavily on the preparedness of your workforce and the availability of funds to implement projects that would meet these objectives.

I Have difficulty in assuming that the right preparation is being done to prepare persons for possible employment, meaning having the right frame of mind or attitude towards work, and whether the education system has seriously addressed the special training and skills necessary to prepare students for the world of work.

There are quite a number of persons who want to work, and equally there are as many persons who do not want to work if it entails being structured or regimented. There are young persons who think that it is their parents responsibility to care for them, and there are also persons who think it is the State that needs to secure opportunity for them. Most peoples personal goal is to get money by any means possible to enjoy a satisfactory material life, but few believe in giving back or lending a hand to the down trodden. There are also those that believe that it is all about gambling or taking chances or bluffing their way through the system. Very few believe it is about the sweat of thy brow.

I watch and assess the attitude of several persons in sports, in school, at the work place and socially, and it is always a minority grouping that would give their all to achieve maximum results.It is usually the ones and twos that you see a difference in .The masses are the ones who usually complain about being underpaid or being discriminated against even though most of them don’t care a dam about productivity and they also are the ones who are quick to reject procedures or apply logic to business

In a sense everyone expects to be fed but few are prepared to bake the bread, as far as they are concern they should reap but don’t care about planting a seed. There are, I agree, many persons that may be underpaid for their services and have a justified reason to rebel or make short cuts on the job, but there are equally a lot of persons who are paid an arm and a leg and still do not care about progressive work ethics or delivering value for money.

The old saying of those who wish to get the opportunity never get it, and those who do care little about preserving it, is really what our people are all about It starts from our childhood where parents go naked to give the children all that they want and need, and in the end these sacrifices are seldom appreciated by the children.

In the same way the State in its wisdom builds roads, and schools, and other meaningful institutions for human development that are usually under cherished, destroyed and seldom appreciated. We treat our elders with disdain; we think little of our spirituality, we destroy our environment, and pay little attention to the woes or perils of others and we more often criticize rather that up lift. We believe less in togetherness and think of self always rather than our countryman.

With all these attitudes to deal with what Government will make a difference in our lives if the masses think that way, and worst of all we believe in promises not facts or track records. We go with the flow and support what is popular not what is realistic or will make a difference in our lives.

While I hope for prosperity for all I wonder if we as a people are ready to change for the betterment of all, and whether government can make a difference in our lives regardless of whom we appoint when both political parties are cut from the same cloth.

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